Amazing Grace – a most fitting hymn

Posted on June 23, 2018 
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The John Newton Project’s Marylynn Rouse points out the appropriateness of the singing of Amazing Grace (watch here, 13:43 into the recording) by the GAFCON 2018 attendees on the Temple steps.

The words for Amazing Grace were drawn from 1 Chronicles 17, and were written to accompany Newton’s New Year’s Day sermon in 1773.

1 Chronicles 17 speaks of God’s covenant with David (who desired to build the Temple), and the promise of the everlasting Kingdom of David’s Greater Son.

We also note that John Newton was key in sending the first Chaplain, Richard Johnson, to Australia, and in the founding of CMS, which brought the gospel to so many parts of the world.

Read the fascinating background to that most beloved of hymns – at The John Newton Project.

Photo: GAFCON Media.