Withering on the Vine?

Posted on July 6, 2018 
Filed under Church of England

“The Archbishop of Canterbury has assured us that the Church of England is “deeply committed” to the flourishing of conservative evangelicals, many of whose churches are growing and planting. …

But is it credible to claim that this is what the Church of England is really doing? Intentions do not always lead to actions. What is the actual situation on the ground?

According to the latest figures … since the legislation on women in the episcopate came into force in November 2014, no fewer than 14 women have been appointed as Bishops, 3 as Deans and 20 as Archdeacons. But not a single person who is unable for theological reasons to recognise the priestly or episcopal ministry of women has been appointed as an Archdeacon or Dean. And only 2 suffragan bishops who do not ordain women have been appointed (one of which is evangelical)…”

– At Church Society’s blog, Dr Lee Gatiss wonders if the words of senior Church of England leaders are more than just talk.