Why were our Reformers burned? — Ryle

Posted on November 3, 2017 
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“It is fashionable in some quarters to deny that there is any such thing as certainty about religious truth, or any opinions for which it is worth while to be burned.

Yet, 300 years ago, there were men who were certain they had found out truth, and content to die for their opinions. –

It is fashionable in other quarters to leave out all the unpleasant things in history, and to paint everything of a rose-coloured hue. A very popular history of our English queens hardly mentions the martyrdoms of Queen Mary’s days. Yet Mary was not called ‘Bloody Mary’ without reason, and scores of Protestants were burned in her reign. –

Last, but not least, it is thought very bad taste in many quarters to say anything which throws discredit on the Church of Rome. …”

– Church Society draws attention to, and republishes (PDF) Bishop J.C. Ryle’s Church Association Lecture, given in 1867. Well worth reading.