Walking in The Light: A Study In Contrasts

Posted on June 7, 2019 
Filed under Anglican Communion

“Two weeks ago I wrote about how Biblically faithful Anglicans are flourishing at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi Kenya. Shortly after this article was published, the Primate of Kenya, Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit, announced that he would not be attending the Lambeth 2020 conference of Bishops.

Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby then requested 1) a meeting with Archbishop Ole Sapit and 2) that he might be allowed to preach at All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi…

Immediately following the Archbishop of Canterbury’s visit to All Saints Cathedral, the Primate of Kenya in this video (with the Provost of the Cathedral standing in the background) restated with equal clarity the Biblical position of the Anglican Church of Kenya (ACK) …

Beginning at 3:56 Archbishop Welby says ‘the Bible is clear,’ and that ‘my own personal view, which I have stated on numerous occasions in public…is the traditional view of Christian marriage…which has always been the view of Christian marriage…’

But note what else he says and what he does not say …”

– At The American Anglican Council, Canon Phil Ashey speaks about, and shares a video of, the Archbishop of Canterbury speaking outside All Saints Cathedral in Nairobi.

See also this post by David Ould, who has video from another angle, covering more of the press conference.