The 1928 Prayer Book

Posted on March 4, 2009 
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David Phillips - Church SocietyWhy are we running an article on the 1928 Prayer Book now? A new ‘orthodox’ province has been  established in North America (only a day ago as I write). It has set out in a provisional constitution its doctrinal position but has not adopted any formal liturgies. The Jerusalem Declaration from GAFCON affirms the 1662 Book of Common Prayer but in the United States in particular the traditional prayer book before the 1970s was their 1928 book. That book is not the same as the English 1928 book, a matter that has caused considerable confusion in some discussions, but nevertheless it is also not the 1662 book. …

– David Phillips, General Secretary of Church Society, writes in the current issue of Cross†Way and the article is available as a PDF file (direct link).