‘University of Sydney’s Evangelical Union shouldn’t have to give up its faith in fight against discrimation’

Posted on March 22, 2016 
Filed under Culture wars, Opinion

daily-bull-04-july-1977“Here is the new rule for student groups on campus at one of our leading universities: you can have any faith you like, as long as it’s not any faith in particular.

As of November last year, the bolshie student politicians running the University of Sydney student union have voted to stop clubs and societies from defining themselves by reference to a particular creed. Because, er, discrimination, or something.

And the union’s board has inaugurated this new reign of tolerance by deciding to kick one of its oldest and largest interdenominational faith based groups off campus. The Evangelical Union has been around doing its thing since the 1930s – my grandma was on the committee…”

– Andrew Judd has this sensible opinion-piece in The Sydney Morning Herald.

(This copy of the USU’s The Daily Bull is a snapshot of student activity at the university in July 1977. The SUEU had been active on campus for decades before most of the other societies mentioned.)