Grafton Discernment Synod

Posted on February 5, 2018 
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“First of all, here in the Eucharist, we seek God’s guidance. …

Secondly, we shall then spend the bulk of today listening to one another carefully, intentionally, with spiritual ears attuned to hear not only one another but also the God who is within us, among us, and between us.

Finally today, we shall elect the Bishop Appointment Board. Those chosen to serve on this Board are being entrusted by us to choose and appoint our new Bishop, informed by our discernment process today and guided by God.”

– The Dean of Grafton, Greg Jenks, preached at the ‘‘Discernment Synod Eucharist’ of the Diocese of Grafton, 4th February 2018. He has posted the text and video of his sermon.

It’s a good reminder to pray for those responsible for choosing a new bishop.