Rebels Attack Boga, DR Congo

Posted on August 27, 2019 
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“Bishop William Bahemuka, the Anglican Bishop of the Diocese of Boga (DR Congo) has reported that ADF rebels attacked Boga town in the early morning hours of Friday, 23rd August. Boga is located in the southern part of Ituri Province and is where the diocesan Cathedral is located.

More than 200 youth, children, and women were abducted, shops were looted, cows stolen, and the Anglican Mission Hospital was looted. A doctor and lab technician from the hospital are among those abducted. The raid lasted about three hours. …”

New Vision Uganda.

More from Barnabas Fund:

“More than 200 people including women and children have been abducted and a church mission hospital and shops looted by Islamist extremists during a raid on Boga, Democratic Republic of Congo, a majority Christian country. …

The ADF Islamist terrorist group has been operating in the region for more than two decades and has repeatedly attacked Christians. …

‘We also appeal for a massive outpouring of sustained prayer from Christians everywhere’ …” said Bishop of Boga Diocese, William Bahemuka.