Prayers encouraged for Police Remembrance Day

Posted on September 29, 2018 
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Archbishop Glenn Davies has written a Prayer for National Police Remembrance Day – held on Day 29th September 2018.

You may wish to use it in church on Sunday 30th September, or in your own prayers.

“Our heavenly Father, we thank you for your providential care of our world and the peace and security that we enjoy in our land.  We especially thank you for the Police Force of New South Wales.  Despite the corruption of the human heart and the prevalence of lawlessness and sin, we thank you for these guardians of justice in our society.

We pray for the members of our Police Force as they maintain law and order in our state.  Give them the courage to expose unrighteousness, wherever it is found, to pursue justice for the common good, to deal with all without fear or favour, and to act with wisdom and compassion in all their work.  Protect them from danger in their duties, shield them from temptation, and enable them to be role models for all whom they serve.

We also pray for police chaplains as they minister to the spiritual and emotional needs of our Police Force members.  May they act with compassion, wisdom and love as they support police officers in their line of duty.

We offer our prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, who alone brings order to the human heart, peace to a troubled world and the hope of eternal life for all who put their trust in him.  Amen.”

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Image: NSW Police Legacy.