The ACL’s Podcast

Here is the ACL’s first podcast!

This first edition is designed especially to help members of Sydney Synod understand what’s coming up at next week’s Synod.

The ACL’s President, the Rev. Andrew Bruce (centre), was joined by Dr. Robert Tong, Dr. Claire Smith, Canon Sandy Grant and Canon Phil Colgan.

Sit back and be informed and encouraged:



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Topics covered

00:00 Introducing the team.

09:25 What is Sydney Synod? How does it work? How can you participate?

12:55 What is General Synod? What was the recent General Synod like?

20:00 The Property Receipts Policy.

30:40 Gender Identity.

36:37 Domestic abuse.

39:36 Licensing review and ministry development.

43:15 Assistant Ministers ordinance.

45:08 Ministry standards.

46:50 Two referrals to the Appellate Tribunal.

50:50 About the Anglican Church League.


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