The ACL’s Synod Briefing Podcast

Welcome to the ACL’s 2019 Pre-Synod Briefing Podcast

We trust this will be of assistance to Sydney Synod members in preparing for this year’s Synod meeting.

Or right-click on this link to download the audio. (29MB mp3 file.)

Here are the topics covered, and the times they occur in the podcast:

  1. Introduction: 00:00
  2. Final Synod for Archbishop Glenn Davies: 02:42
  3. Introduction to Synod Rules: 06:40
  4. Financial Reports at Synod: 11:50
  5. Fellowship with Anglicans (M27–M30, M43): 15:25
  6. Gender Representation on Boards: 30:40
  7. Assistant Ministers: 37:55
  8. Gender Identity: 41:15
  9. Women Preaching: 46:48
  10. Governance Policy and Property Use (M24–M26, M46): 53:25
  11. Final Remarks: 56:50.

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