‘Turnbull Govt victim of abortion lobby push to silence Troy Newman’

troy_newman“The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed concern that the Turnbull Government has acted hastily at the request of the abortion lobby to deny a visa to an American pro-life advocate…

‘Australian taxpayer money funds Planned Parenthood operations in the Asia-Pacific region and Mr Newman’s visit promises to shed light on the abortion provider’s murky activities.’…”

strong words from the Australian Christian Lobby, who have also launched a petition calling on the Immigration Minister to reverse the decision to deny Mr Newman a visa.

From Bible Society Australia:

The SMH is reporting, “Counsel for the Commonwealth gave the undertaking not to immediately remove Mr Newman at a hearing in Melbourne before High Court justice Geoffrey Nettle on Thursday evening, at which counsel for Mr Newman sought to have the decision to bar him from Australia overturned.”

On Thursday afternoon Immigration Minister Peter Dutton agreed to not deport Newman for 24 hours.

Eternity understands the matter will be decided this afternoon.

Update: What the Aussie Media has not told you about Troy Newman – John Sandeman.

‘PM misrepresents the Bible’

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, Q&A 02 September 2013“Last night, on a serious Australian current affairs program, Q&A, our current serving Prime Minister, a self-professed Christian, grossly caricatured the Bible. ….”

Sandy Grant responds to the Prime Minister’s statements on Q&A last night.

And Eternity Newspaper’s John Sandeman spoke today with the Prime Minister’s questioner, Pastor Matt Prater

Ps Matt Prater“I did get attacked a lot on social media last night. And got called a lot of nasty names. I just want to make it clear to anyone reading this that I am not a homophobe. I don’t hate homosexuals. I love everyone with the love of Jesus.”

(Images: ABC TV.)


The Prime Minister further explained his response (YouTube) in Launceston on Tuesday 3rd September.

Question lands pastor ‘in lion’s den’ – The Australian.

“The first time Pastor Matt Prater interviewed Kevin Rudd, the year was 2006 and the then opposition foreign affairs spokesman was deeply obliging. …”

And Sandy Grant reflects on the whole thing at The Briefing.

Archbishop Peter Jensen’s 2008 Synod Presidential Address

Archbishop Peter Jensen - 2008 Presidential addressThe audio file of Archbishop Peter Jensen’s Presidential Address to the 2008 Synod meeting of Sydney Diocese – given late this afternoon – is now available at SydneyAnglicans.net.

Connect09 and GAFCON were among the key topics covered. Worth hearing – the 28MB file runs for 80 minutes.

The text of Archbishop Jensen’s address is also available. (Photo: Anglican Media Sydney.)

Canon RBS Hammond
The Archbishop speaks about Canon RBS Hammond, Rector of St. Barnabas’ Broadway in the 1930s. “RBS” is mentioned in this story about Arthur Stace, “Mr. Eternity” – a man who made Sydney his mission field in an innovative way.

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