Milawa “Blessing” Order of Service and Photographs

Posted on September 22, 2019 
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Although it was said that the blessing of the parties to a same-sex marriage in the Diocese of Wangaratta had been postponed, David Ould reports that some kind of blessing apparently took place last weekend, on Saturday 14th September.

He has published several photos (including this one of Bishop Parkes) and images of the Order of Service.

“There is no mention in the order of service of a blessing for Davis and Whalley and yet it is clear from photographs and the comments of those who were there that there was a recognition and affirmation of the marriage. …”


Response to a vote by the Synod of the Diocese of Wangaratta – Archbishop Glenn Davies.

Dean of Sydney and GAFCON Australia react to the Wangaratta same-sex blessing vote.

Newlyweds John Davis and Rob Whalley given love, but not a blessing, from Anglican church – The Border Mail (subscription).

“Saturday’s service included a moment where Bishop John Parkes laid his hands on the couple then invited others to follow, creating a power affirmation.”