Labor MP Chris Hayes seeks safeguards for religious freedoms

Posted on October 4, 2017 
Filed under Culture wars

“Labor MP Chris Hayes has spoken out to defend those who fear same-sex marriage could curb ­religious freedoms, arguing that the issue of protection must be ­addressed to ensure ‘laws do not violate one’s genuinely held ­beliefs and conscience’.

Mr Hayes, the chief opposition whip, said he ‘appreciated’ ­arguments that enacting same-sex marriage could ‘impact on ­religious freedoms, teaching of doctrine, and the functioning of faith-based organisations such as schools, aged-care and welfare agencies.’…”

– Story from The Australian (subscription).

Mr Hayes’ statement may be read here (PDF).

“ … I appreciate the fears of religious institutions that enacting same sex marriage could impact on religious freedoms, teaching of doctrine, and the functioning of faith based organisations such as schools, aged care and welfare agencies. These are legitimate concerns and matters I believe have to be addressed in order to ensure laws do not act to violate one’s genuinely held beliefs and conscience.

However, it is not just the issue of same sex marriage that may impinge on religious freedom. Therefore, I believe steps should be taken to protect religious liberty. …”

Photo: Chris Hayes’s website.