Jesus the People Person

Posted on February 11, 2020 
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“You would expect that if God showed up in the world that there would be something to indicate his arrival. A virgin birth was a pretty good clue along with the centuries of prophesies about his coming.

My assumption would be, if God was to join us, His teaching would be significant. Indeed God joining us has shaped western society – our ethics, our politics, our literature, our culture, our relationships and brought untold blessings to the world.

I reckon if God is God then you’d also expect He’d perform some miraculous indicators of His presence.

Well for the past few weeks I have been trying to introduce you to the God who visited, to Jesus Christ, for whom the press is very mixed. …”

Bishop of Armidale Rick Lewers continues his series to encourage people to consider Christ. Previously, he has written about ‘Jesus the Teacher’ and ‘Jesus the miracle man’.