Help for Responding to Sexual Abuse in Church Settings

Posted on March 13, 2019 
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Dr. Peter Adam writes,

There are few more painful, complicated, difficult, demanding, divisive and stressful issues to deal with than sexual abuse in your church.

If you are already dealing with it, you will find this extended essay very helpful.

If you are not yet dealing with it, you need to read it, so that you are more alert to the signs of its presence, aware of the issues, and be prepared to deal with it.

The author, a good friend of mine, has had extensive experience counselling victims of sexual abuse, and helping church leaders to respond to sexual abuse in their churches. She prefers to remain anonymous, for good reasons.  I encouraged her to write this essay, so more people could learn from her hard-won wisdom…

The essay is not an easy read, but is highly recommended. I wish I had read it 50 years ago!”

– Do take the time to read the full post from Dr. Adam, and then download the resource from the Gospel Coalition Australia.