Have a Fun Event – Like on National Ice Cream Day!

Posted on July 7, 2018 
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“Getting visitors does not guarantee that your church will grow. However, I guarantee that your church won’t grow without getting visitors.

I agree with those who argue that the ‘Attractional’ model of church growth is no longer the best model in our largely post-Christiandom culture, and that we must take on a more ‘Missional’ model where we go out into our surrounding communities to connect with non-believers.

Once you connect with them, you still, eventually, have to invite them to something. You still must bring them into the church where, in community, they will be transformed to be like Christ. So inviting people to church remains an essential component to church growth.

Yet, even with all the preaching, teaching, poking, prodding, and even sometimes guilting that church people receive about inviting others to church, most of the time they don’t.…”

– Here’s some encouragement from Canon Mark Eldredge of the American Anglican Council.