Giving thanks for Dr. Broughton Knox — 24 years on

Posted on January 13, 2018 
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Former Principal of Moore College, Dr. David Broughton Knox, departed this earthly life twenty-four years ago, on January 14th 1994.

This is a good time to pause, remember, and to thank our heavenly Father for DBK.

To learn more, see also:

1. The Sermon preached by Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane at the funeral in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

2. David Broughton Knox – What we owe to him – by Archbishop Donald Robinson.

3. Broughton Knox: servant of Christ Jesus – by Dr. Mark Thompson, May 2017.

“We have now come to lay him to rest with great sorrow for a loss we can ill afford. But we thank God upon every remembrance of a good and faithful servant.” – Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane.

(Photo with thanks to George Whitefield Theological College.)