“GAFCON is not an alternative Anglican Communion because …”

Posted on June 20, 2018 
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“A recurring theme of the first two days of GAFCON has been ‘We are not leaving Anglicanism. Others have left by departing from the Anglican formularies, particularly its commitment to the authority of scripture.’  …

Archbishop Stanley Ntagali reported the May 30 decision of the Uganda House of Bishops on any participation in the Lambeth Anglican Communion.

  1. We are not attending Lambeth 2020
  2. Unless godly order is restored we will not attend other meetings invited by Canterbury
  3. Unless ACNA and the new Brazil Province are invited we will not attend any meetings invited by Canterbury

This was greeted by a standing ovation followed by spontaneous singing of the East African Revival Hymn Tukutendereza Yesu (We praise you Jesus). …”

– Chris Sugden reports on GAFCON 2018 at Anglican Mainstream.

Photo of Archbishop Ntagali – GAFCON Media.