From two murder victims to one

Posted on February 14, 2019 
Filed under Culture wars

“The horror of abortion seems to appear daily and in ever deadlier form in the nation’s headlines as states across the country pledge their support for late-term abortion laws. …

Before the ink could dry on New York’s ‘Reproductive Health Act,’ a story appeared in the New York Times that reported,

‘As Democrats in New York last month celebrated Governor Andrew M. Cuomo’s signing of a law expanding abortion rights in the state, anti-abortion campaigners predicted it would eliminate criminal penalties for violence that ends women’s pregnancies. The debate resurfaced over the weekend after the Queens district attorney, Richard A. Brown, cited the new law… as the reason for dropping an abortion charge against a man who the police say fatally stabbed his former girlfriend when she was 14 weeks pregnant.‘…”

– Albert Mohler has been busy this week, commenting on the latest fallout from the push for greater freedom in abortion.