Pray for GAFCON 2018 Jerusalem

Posted on June 15, 2018 
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From GAFCON, a request for prayer to our heavenly Father –

“Please pray with Gafcon for our Jerusalem 2018 Conference between 17-22 June.

Please set aside time to pray for each daily need if you can.  

Sunday, 17 June

Pray all delegates will arrive safely and on time so that none will miss out on the time of encouragement and teaching. Ask that God will embolden and unify the group gathered for Evensong.

Monday, 18 June

As the delegates consider Gospel truth, please pray for their renewed and deep reliance on God’s Word.

Tuesday, 19 June

The conference will examine God’s Church. Please pray that the delegates would be encouraged to seek true unity by speaking truth in love to one another.

Wednesday, 20 June

The gathered assembly will look together at God’s world. Please pray that the delegates would be inspired to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations.

Thursday, 21 June

An overarching aim of the conference is to encourage each other – and other church leaders – not to abandon the Gospel in favor of falling in step with the surrounding culture. Please pray for strong adherence to a life-giving message, not compromise.

Friday, 22 June

This is the ultimate time of “sending out”, where the delegates prepare to take the unchanging message of Jesus Christ to others. The group will also have Holy Communion together. Pray they will be reminded of the Lord Jesus’ atoning death in the breaking of the bread.”