Church Society, Reform UK and Fellowship of Word and Spirit ‘joining forces’

Posted on February 19, 2018 
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[Also see the Update further below.]

Church Society’s Director, Dr Lee Gatiss, has issued this statement via his Twitter account

“This is my comment on the well-founded rumours that , , and the Fellowship of Word & Spirit are joining forces.

‘I rejoice greatly and am so grateful to God that Anglican Evangelicals are at last beginning to combine their strengths to stand firm and contend together in the Church of England.

This is a hugely positive story and counters the fiction that orthodox groups and fragmenting and leaving. We’re not. Conservative evangelicals are coming together like never before, as the times demand.

This is the biggest thing to happen in the Anglican Evangelical world here for 25 years, and I see it as a cause for celebration. There is much still to pray for.’ ”

– We await further details.

Update – this announcement has now been made:

Contending for the Gospel: Time for a New Approach – Church Society –

“We are delighted to announce that the Church Society Council, the Reform Council, and the Trustees of the Fellowship of Word and Spirit have all agreed to pursue a merger. It is in the light of our shared Biblical, Reformed, Anglican faith and common goals that we have decided that the challenges of the present time require us to unite our efforts so that we are better placed to harness the energies of evangelicals in contending for the gospel. …” – Announcement from Church Society Director Dr Lee Gatiss.


“The need for unity of fellowship and purpose with bodies like Church Society and Fellowship of Word & Spirit is urgent and overdue. …” – Canon David Banting.

“Our new context means that we need to focus our efforts, unite our endeavours, and ensure we maximise the usefulness of our resources. …” – Bishop Rod Thomas.

“At a time when our nation is rapidly rejecting its Christian inheritance, and the Church of England is in a crisis about its convictions and influence, there has never been a greater need for those committed to biblical truth to unite together, enabling our message to be heard with greater clarity and power. …” – Dr Rob Munro.

Read the full statements at the link above.

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