Christians in the Community of the Dome by Julian Mann — review

Posted on December 10, 2017 
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“This is a fascinating, creative and insightful little book which you should not read if you wish to remain undisturbed, feeling secure behind the rose tinted spectacles that many evangelicals, especially in the Established church, are now wearing.

The Dome referred to in the title, is the Millennium Dome, built under the guiding hand of Peter Mandelson, Prime Minister (‘Call me Tony’) Blair’s chief advisor and the main architect of the rebranding of the Labour Party as ‘New Labour’. …

This highly readable, thought provoking and penetrating book is to be highly recommended …”

– At Anglican Mainstream, Melvin Tinker has reviewed Christians in the Community of the Dome by Julian Mann.

There’s another review – by Rob Slane – at The BlogMire:

“So where are we heading? Towards the end of the book, Julian gives us three fictional scenarios which imagine this.

The first gives us the Islamic future, in which Britain officially becomes an Islamic State with a Wahhabi ideology in 2040.

The second, written by Andrew Symes of Anglican Mainstream, pictures a Britain which – largely due to the feebleness of the 20th Century Church versus the ferociousness of the Cultural Marxists – has become both totally secular, and utterly draconian.

The third scenario sees Julian imagining himself as an old retired minister in 2050, both surprised and thrilled to see a genuine revival of Christianity, together with the undoing of a massive amount of destructive social changes that had occurred throughout his lifetime.”

And our earlier post.

This book may be far more relevant to Australia than you might imagine.

Christians in the Community of the Dome by Julian Mann, ISBN 978-1783972104, is available from a variety of booksellers. These prices include shipping to Australia.