Daylight Saving in NSW ends 2nd April

In NSW, Daylight Saving ends in 2017 at 2:00am on Sunday 2nd April.

Might be worth reminding congregations.

Gospel Speech Online

“I’ve written this Brief Book to help Christians to speak the gospel of the truth in love in the online world. I draw on principles of Christian speech from Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. In many ways it’s a sequel to my earlier book Gospel Speech. …”

– from Lionel Windsor at Forget the Channel. A very timely resource!

NEXUS17 coming up on April 3rd

NEXUS17 is at MBM Rooty Hill this year.

Four outstanding talks, morning and afternoon tea, a spit-roast lunch, time to talk with old friends and meet new ones…”

Theme: The Reformation we need today.

Details at the Nexus website.

An FAQ on shaping your ministry culture around Disciple-making

“In 2009 a small Australian publisher quietly released a book entitled The Trellis and the Vine: The Ministry Mind-Shift that Changes Everything, co-authored by Sydney Anglicans Colin Marshall and Tony Payne.

The book became an unlikely international bestseller, especially when Mark Dever offered his unsolicited endorsement that “This is the best book I’ve read on the nature of church ministry,” and began reading excerpts of the book aloud at conferences.

If you haven’t read it, you don’t need to. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition, Justin Taylor explains why you don’t need to read The Trellis and the Vine.

Why Christians should be punctual

“If you’re someone who is consistently late, are your reasons good? Maybe you’ve never even considered your lateness to be an issue. But have you thought about what it is that you’re (perhaps unintentionally) communicating to the person/people/event that you are late for? …”

– At, Kirsten McKinlay suggests five reasons why punctuality matters.

Anglican Connection National Conference 2017 June 13-15

The Anglican Connection National Conference is set for June 13-15 in Dallas.

This would be a wonderful encouragement to Anglicans in North America.

Exploring practical ways we can build effective gospel-centered churches through the lens of the 16th-century reformers.

The gospel need in the USA today is great. So many have never heard; and so many others do not know what to believe.

The Anglican Connection conference offers ministers, church leaders, and members an opportunity to re-envision and refresh effective gospel-centered ministries.

Details here.

“Beauty and the Beast fans in Sydney welcome ‘queer’ twist in remake of classic tale”

“Hundreds of fans have lined the streets outside Sydney’s iconic State Theatre to welcome US actor Josh Gad, one of the stars in the remake of Disney’s classic Beauty and the Beast. …”

ABC report.

Related: The Facts about Beauty and the Beast Disney Movie – Amy Bevin (h/t Tim Challies.) Image: ABC TV.

Ideas that Changed the World

New from Matthias Media:

“Around 500 years ago a momentous change was spreading across Europe—a change that has become known as the Reformation.

At the heart of the Reformation were four ideas and four leaders. The ideas: faith alone, grace alone, Bible alone and Christ alone. The leaders: Luther, Calvin, Tyndale and Cranmer.

In the four sessions of this course, join Dominic Steele as he explores these four simple yet profoundly important ideas, the key role these four men played in rediscovering and spreading them, and the stunning European locations where these historic events took place.

But it’s not just a course to watch. You’ll also open up your Bibles and do some exploring of your own, reading the same parts of Scripture that Luther, Calvin, Tyndale and Cranmer read that radically changed their world.”

What has God joined together?

Sydney Anglican parishes will soon be receiving copies of the booklet “What Has God Joined Together?”. 

A companion website has also been launched.

It has the full text, Chnese translations, an essay entitled “Does God approve of same-sex sexual activity?”, and links to resources for Ministers.

Expository preaching — The antidote to anaemic worship

“Though most evangelicals mention the preaching of the word as a necessary or customary part of worship, the prevailing model of worship in evangelical churches is increasingly defined by music, along with innovations such as drama and video presentations. When preaching the word retreats, a host of entertaining innovations will take its place. …”

– Albert Mohler writes about the central place of expository preaching in the life of the church.

Vine Journal: Issue 5

Vine Journal: Issue 5, February 2017, from Matthias Media, is now available for free download – or you can buy a printed copy.

It is, sadly, the final edition. Read Tony Payne’s explanation.

Check out the articles in this issue:

Are we there yet? ‘Exile’ in the Bible (Lionel Windsor)
What the Bible’s big story tells us about our true home.

Does Jeremiah 29 call us to seek the welfare of the city? (Phillip Colgan)
A fresh look at a frequently quoted verse.

Lessons from the Marian exiles (Mark Earngey)
What we can learn from the English Reformers who fled their homeland.

The forgotten promise to Abraham (Chris Braga)
An encounter with Genesis 23 leads to a surprising discovery.

Glorifying God with infertility (Michael Taylor)
Lessons learned from being a reluctant member of the ‘infertility club’.

The holiness that leads to unity  (Hannah Ploegstra)
Why a passion for holiness and truth should lead towards unity, not away from it.

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