Where can I find the Jerusalem Declaration?

Have you been hearing about The Jerusalem Declaration from the first GAFCON gathering in 2008? (It was quoted by Archbishop Okoh in his address on the opening day.)

You can read it – as well as the GAFCON 2008 Final Statement and the Lambeth 1998 Resolution 1.10 on Human Sexuality – in our Reference Documents and Press Releases section of the website.

Single Minded Conference

Read about the Single Minded Conference coming up in September with Sam Allbery.

It’s ‘a conference about singleness … but for everyone”.

Anglican Unscripted – Interview with Archbishop Peter Jensen, June 2018

Anglican TV’s Kevin Kallsen interviewed GAFCON General Secretary Archbishop Dr Peter Jensen about GAFCON 2018 and the future of the GAFCON movement.

Embedded above – or watch here. Most encouraging.

Holding on to the gospel is an antidote to today’s spiritual disaster

“Here’s an imaginary scenario – the story of a local church over a hundred-year period.

At the start of this time, the church is made up of real born-again Christians, people who have genuinely believed God’s saving good news, his gospel of eternal salvation from sin and death through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. And the evidence that they are real born-again Christians is that they are godly people. They’re not perfect but they are leading God-pleasing lives which marks them out from the non-Christian world around them.

But as this generation grows old and dies off, a new generation takes over the church…”

– Julian Mann, Vicar of Oughtibridge in South Yorkshire, tells a familiar story  – and shares the antidote to spiritual diasater.

Queen’s Birthday Conference 2018 — The Cultures of Death and the Death of Culture

The Two Ways Ministries Queen’s Birthday Conference is coming up on Monday 11th June –  Read more

David Peterson on Romans — one of Albert Mohler’s ’10 Books Every Preacher Should Read’

“Dr Albert Mohler, theologian and current President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, sees the personal collections of preachers as an indication of their preaching priorities, style and engagement. In his annual book review for Preaching Magazine, he highlights the ten books that he believes essential in 2018 for pastors to be reading, reflecting on and shaping their own ministry now and into the future. …”

– Good news from Moore College.

Review: The Bible Project – Brilliant but Flawed

“Understanding and teaching the Bible can be hard work so it feels like a win to find a resource that can help us do it well. Over the last few years, many people have watched and enjoyed The Bible Project videos and started to use them more in teaching.

In this post, I want to raise a few concerns about the theology taught in The Bible Project and invite you to think about how you use them for yourself and in teaching.

Firstly, though, let me say there’s a lot to like about these videos. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition Australia, Richard Sweatman raises some important questions about a popular teaching resource.

Ploughing Concrete in Australia

At the recent Geneva Push conference in Melbourne, Greg Lee (Hunter Bible Church) delivered a strong encouragement to keep evangelism central – even if we live in a culture where most people see no need for God. Listen here.

Colorado Wedding Cake Baker wins before US Supreme Court

“In Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd v Colorado Civil Rights Commission … the US Supreme Court by 7-2 overturned previous decisions against a Christian cake maker, Jack Phillips, who had declined to make a wedding cake for a same sex wedding. While the basis of the decision of the majority is fairly narrow, the outcome is clearly correct, and even in the narrow reasons offered by Justice Kennedy, there are a number of important affirmations which support religious freedom.

I have commented previously on cases which involve a claim that a cake maker or other “wedding industry professional” should not be allowed to decline to devote their artistic skills to the celebration of a relationship their religion tells them is wrong … But the Masterpiece decision is the first time such a case has made its way to the final appellate court in a common law jurisdiction, and for that reason is particularly important.”

– Assoc. Professor Neil Foster comments at Law and Religion Australia.

The Purpose of Romans — Gwilym Davies, Preaching Matters

In the latest edition of Preaching Matters from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, Sam Manchester asks Gwilym Davies about the Purpose of Romans.

12 minutes – well worth watching.

What is the role of culture and culturalism in evangelism?

“Christians today are engaged in cross-cultural evangelism. In the past it was only missionaries going overseas to preach the gospel who had to understand cross-cultural evangelism, but today most of us do not have to go that far to encounter other cultures. Most English-speaking countries have the great joy of people from all over the world moving into their neighbourhoods.

But what does a post-Christian multicultural nation involve? Is it any different to evangelising a Christian monocultural nation – and if so, how? …”

– At GoThereFor.com, Phillip Jensen provides some good questions to think about – along with a reminder that they will be addressed at the 2018 Queen’s Birthday Conference on 11th June. (Register here.)

Meeting people where they are at

“One of the most helpful lessons I’ve learnt in ministry to people from a Roman Catholic background is to meet them where they are at and not to expect them to meet us where we are at as Protestants.

One practical example of this struck me as I looked at the sort of evangelistic material available for Catholics. …”

– At SydneyAnglicans.net, Mark Gilbert shares some very helpful observations.

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