Sydney Synod resolution on Global Anglicanism

Sydney SynodThe Synod of the Diocese of Sydney has passed a resolution, encouraging GAFCON to continue and expand its work. Here is the complete text:

“9.23 Global Anglicanism

Synod –

(a) gives God thanks for the success of GAFCON 2013 (Global Anglican Future Conference) being made up of 1358 delegates from 39 countries including the 99 delegates from Australia,

(b) recognises that GAFCON is an emerging instrument of communion when others have failed to provide the well needed leadership at a time of growing liberalism within Anglicanism, aggressive secularism, militant Islamism and seductive syncretism,

(c) encourages and supports GAFCON/FCA (Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans) in its desire to expand its membership, develop networks, authorise and affirm those who have been excluded by their dioceses or provinces,

(d) recognising Synod’s desire to be in full communion with the ACNA (Synod resolution 46/09), Synod congratulates the Most Reverend Foley Beach on his consecration as Archbishop to the ACNA (Anglican Church of North America),

(e) encourages the development of FCA Australia and its inaugural conference, “The Anglican Future Conference” to be held in Melbourne next year,

(f) looks forward to the next GAFCON as a principle gathering of leaders in the Anglican Communion, and

(g) requests the Secretary to write to The FCA Primates’ Council, The ACNA and FCA Australia informing them of this.

(The Rev Gavin Poole/The Rev Dr Michael Stead).”

– via the GAFCON website. Emphasis added.

Bishop Ken Short: ‘faithful pastor, gracious leader, elder statesman’

Bishop Ken Short AO“Bishop Ken Short AO, former missionary, military chaplain, Dean of Sydney and Bishop of Wollongong, Parramatta and the Defence Forces, has died at the age of 87…

A funeral service is expected to be held at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney, early next week. Details are yet to be confirmed. ”

– more from (Photo: Ramon Williams.)

Update: It’s been announced the service will be held at 2:00pm on Monday 27 October at the Cathedral.

Report: Bp of Newcastle appoints Rod Bower as Archdeacon of the Central Coast

Gosford AnglicanRod Bower, the Gosford Anglican priest made famous by signs such as “Dear Christians, Some people are gay. Get over it. Love, God”, has reportedly been appointed by Bishop of Newcastle Greg Thompson to be Archdeacon of the Central Coast.

We understand the report to be correct, and he will be collated on Saturday 24th October, though the matter is not yet on the Newcastle diocesan website.

See also David Ould on the Rev. Mr. Bower’s previous public statements – on heaven and hell – and that Jesus did not die for our sins.

Related: Just before General Synod met recently, Sandy Grant considered the Prayer Book’s call to “drive away all false and strange doctrines that are contrary to God’s word”.

(Photo: Gosford Anglican Church.)

St Jude’s Carlton damaged in blaze

St Jude's Carlton“Fire has ravaged a church in inner Melbourne, causing more than $500,000 in damage. St Jude’s Anglican Church on Lygon Street caught fire just after 4am, with flames engulfing the roof, windows and basement…” – Report from The Age.

Archbishop of Melbourne Synod Address

Dr Philip FreierThe text of the 2014 Synod Address by Dr Philip Freier, Archbishop of Melbourne, is now up on their website. (PDF file)

Mission Property Committee update

Mission Property Committee updateThis 10 minute update video from the Mission Property Committee was shown at Sydney Synod yesterday (October 13th).

It’s an encouraging overview of the progress made in securing sites in new developments around Sydney. Uploaded by Anglican Media Sydney.

Update: an edited 5 minute version is now also available.

New Bishop for Georges River Region

The Rev Peter LinDuring his Presidential Address to the Diocese of Sydney’s Synod, Archbishop Glenn Davies today announced a new bishop for the Georges River Region – Peter Lin, Rector of Fairfield with Bossley Park.

– Story and photo from Russell Powell at

Listen to Archbishop Davies’ address, watch it here, or read the text (PDF).

Australian Church Record — October 2014

Australian Church RecordThe latest issue of The Australian Church Record, Number 1914, October 2014, is now out on their website (just in time for Sydney Synod). Here are some excerpts:

From ‘Faith Under Attack‘

“So Protestants should be alarmed at recent trends in scholarship presenting fine-sounding arguments for faith + something else. And Anglicans need to be alarmed at even small additions to their liturgy that confuse those praying it in this same direction.”

From ‘Faith Alone v. Faith at work‘

“The tendency of the human heart to want to boast in its own achievements is all too prevalent. But there is nothing that we do to merit our justification before God. Like our forebears, contemporary Protestantism must continue to work carefully and clearly in defining the place of faith.”

Download your copy here.

Diocese of NW Australia recognises ACNA as “a member church of the Anglican Communion”

Diocese of North West Australia“The Diocese of NW Australia, meeting in synod this weekend, passed the following motion,

That this synod:

– from David Ould.

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