The ACL celebrates the launch of FCA Australia

FCA Aust launchThe Anglican Church League sponsored the launch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA), Australia at Scot’s church, Melbourne on 26 March 2015.

“The establishment of FCA Australia is recognition that we are not immune to the challenges of the wider communion. The ACL celebrates this launch and joins with you in praying for the newly formed FCA Australia board.”

The ACL’s President, Gav Poole, spoke at the launch reception —

The Rev. Gav Pooloe, FCA Aust launch“The ACL is a grassroots movement made up of lay and clergy members. We promote ministry that is reformed, protestant and evangelical.

By reformed we mean ministry that has its genesis in the sixteenth century reformers who recaptured the Biblical faith that we are saved through faith in Christ alone and that God is sovereign in life and salvation.

By protestant, we protest Biblical aberrations, name and warn against false teaching. Our unity is in the gospel, not structure and institution.

By evangelical, we fully trust in the powerful gospel of Jesus Christ which provides the only solution to human rebellion. The gospel is not just one of many messages but our only one.

This week, as we seek solutions to our many struggles, please be encouraged that faithful, clear and bold proclamation of the gospel along with earnest prayer to the Lord of the harvest is always rewarded.

One of the goals of the ACL is to promote the evangelical character of the Sydney diocese. Like it or not, the Sydney diocese is what it is today largely due to the work of the ACL.

It is a testimony to the fact that we can achieve far more together than apart.

Is a privilege to sponsor tonight’s event. The establishment of FCA Australia is recognition that we are not immune to the challenges of the wider communion.

The ACL celebrates this launch and joins with you in praying for the newly formed FCA Australia board.

Thank you for the opportunity to sponsor this event.”

Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans Australia launched

FCA Aust launch“An Australian branch of the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans has been launched in Melbourne, watched by delegates from across Australasia at the Anglican Future Conference…”

– Russell Powell has this report at

And the GAFCON website has the text of Archbishop Eliud Wabukala’s address:

“… it is my prayer that FCA Australia will be powerfully used by God as an instrument of renewal and reform in the Anglican Church here. I long to see all orthodox Anglicans united in a common commitment to pioneering a new wave of evangelism which will have a deep and lasting impact on this nation.

However, I also want to encourage you to look beyond Australia. As you come together in this Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, commit to becoming even stronger partners with orthodox Anglicans throughout the world.…”

Abp Wabukala and Dr Null interviewsRelated: Today David Ould published interviews he has recorded with Archbishop Eliud Wabukala and Dr. Ashley Null at the conference.

Anglican Future Conference opens in Melbourne

Kanishka Raffel at Anglican Future conference“The Anglican Future conference has opened in Melbourne with a call for faithfulness and clarity in proclaiming the Gospel in Australasia.

More than 400 delegates have gathered in Melbourne, from all over Australia and New Zealand…”

– Russell Powell has this report at

Around the Anglican Church of Australia — 25 March 2015

Anglican Future Conference 2015The Anglican Future Conference is getting under way in Melbourne today (March 25-27 2015). Please pray for all attendees, and for a renewed gospel vision for Australia to come out of this significant gathering.

In other news from around the country –

Roof-wetting a milestone” – The Anglicare Women’s Hostel at Toowong celebrates milestone with a roof-wetting and blessing by Archbishop Dr Phillip Aspinall.

Parishes rallying to pay Anglican Diocese of Bathurst’s legal bills” – Daily Liberal, Dubbo.

Conversation with the Archbishop: Economics for a sustainable future” – Diocese of Melbourne.

Pilgrims’ Service & Chrism Mass”, theme of “Called and Sent: a year of discipleship and apostleship” – Diocese of Ballarat.

St. Alban’s Cathedral in Griffith to celebrate 60 years – Diocese of Riverina.

Easter encouragement from Bishop Stuart Robinson – Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

Is there a Future for Confessional Anglicanism? — conference audio

Mark Thompson, Glenn Davies and Ashley NullOn Saturday 21st March 2015, the Anglican Church League held the “Is there a Future for Confessional Anglicanism?” conference in the Chapter House of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

Those present considered our Anglican inheritance, our current challenges and our potential future under God.

Glenn Davies, Archbishop of Sydney; Ashley Null, authority on Archbishop Thomas Cranmer and the English Reformation; and Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College, were the speakers.

Listen to the talks via these links:

Archbishop Dr. Glenn Davies:
The State of Play in the Anglican Church of Australia.

27MB mp3 file and 100kb PDF file outline.

“The ACL’s role in Sydney is to keep the Diocese evangelical. That’s our role. Our role is to be ever vigilant … What one generation fights for, the next generation accepts and the third one forgets. … The stronger ACL is, the stronger the Diocese of Sydney is; the stronger the Diocese of Sydney is, the better the national church will be.”

Dr. Ashley Null:
Our Inheritance.

32MB mp3 file.

“The very heart of Cranmer’s understanding of the mission of the church is to proclaim the gospel … to renew the hearts and minds and lives of the English people.”

Dr. Mark D. Thompson:
Where next for confessional Anglicanism?

17MB mp3 file or 160kb PDF file.

“I am an Anglican – not just by historical accident but by conviction. I am convinced that here is a good – more than good, something that has proven to be powerfully effective over almost five hundred years — expression of gospel principles and gospel priorities … Yet to be true to that heritage I must be a gospel man first.”

Photo by Scott Blackwell.

Into all the world — Moore College Graduation 2015

Moore College Graduation 2015Moore’s 2015 graduation was held on Monday night, with 109 graduates receiving their awards.

Read all about it here.

Anglican Aid opens appeal for Vanuatu

Cyclone Pam north of NZ“Anglican Aid has opened an appeal to aid the nation of Vanuatu in the wake of the worst cyclone in memory.

Reports emerging from the Island say Cyclone Pam, which struck on the weekend of the 14th and 15th of March, left unprecedented devestation. Vanuatu’s president Baldwin Lonsdale was in tears as he described the effects of the ‘monster’ storm…”

– Details at
Image: NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team.

North West Network March 2015

northwest-network-march-2015Keep up with happenings in (and pray for) the churches of the Diocese of Northwest Australia through their latest North West Network newsletter, March 2015.

Download it here as a 900kb PDF file.

‘There is no biblical justification, in any circumstance, for domestic violence.’

Archbishop Glenn DaviesAnglican Church Diocese of Sydney
Media Statement March 13th, 2015

Domestic violence and churches
(response to SMH and ABC)

“There is no biblical justification, in any circumstance, for domestic violence. The classic Christian understanding of a husband’s loving, sacrificial, servant-like leadership leaves absolutely no room for violence or fear.

We would be very open to participating in a cross-denominational survey of domestic violence issues, benchmarked with society in general. Whether or not such a survey is conducted, we will continue to speak out against domestic violence through education, training and advocacy.

I also encourage our ministers to explore this issue further with their congregations, making them more aware of the problem and the necessity of properly dealing with specific cases where-ever they may be found.

Archbishop Glenn N Davies,

March 13, 2015.”

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