The Parish of Peakhurst / Lugarno – a snapshot from 1974

peakhurst-1974This 1974 newsreel about the Anglican Parish of Peakhurst – Lugarno will bring back memories for many of our readers.

27 minutes, on YouTube.

Standing above the Pack

Rick LewersAs I opened my computer this morning this article was on the work list for completion.

Writing is a lot of fun but it is not always easy to come up with material every week. So as the computer sparked into action and another google picture filled my screen I actually had a bit of a laugh along with a thought for what you now read. …”

– Bishop of Armidale, Rick Lewers, shares a Christmas message.

New Advanced Diploma of Bible, Mission and Ministry from Moore College

open-bible-esv-cropFor many years Moore College has offered both a Diploma of Bible and Missions and a Diploma of Bible and Ministry alongside its degree programs.

Now these courses have been improved, upgraded into an advanced diploma and combined in the new Diploma of Bible, Mission and Ministry, commencing in Semester 1, 2017. …”

– News from Moore College.

Opening of The Moore College Learning and Teaching Centre set for 11th February

new-building-openingThe new building at Moore College is set to be opened at 2:30pm on Saturday 11th February 2017. Details (so you can RSVP for catering) from the College.

Bishop Geoffrey Smith elected Archbishop of Adelaide

bishop-geoffrey-smithBishop Geoffrey Smith, assistant bishop and Registrar in the Diocese of Brisbane, has been elected the Archbishop of Adelaide, according to reports.

The Diocese of Brisbane has some background information.

Update: This announcement of the news is now on the website of the Diocese of Adelaide.

Gospel Ministry and Church Politics: What’s the Connection?

Bruce Ballantine-Jones, former President of the Anglican Church League, has this month published his book on the Sydney Diocese: Inside Sydney.

Based on his PhD thesis, the book describes a number of momentous events which have taken place over the last 50 years, many of which he participated in, and others he witnessed.

In this interview with ACL Vice President Lionel Windsor, Bruce explains the place of politics in the church, and why it is a proper and necessary part of diocesan life.  Read more

Inside Sydney: An Insider’s view of the changes and politics in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1966-2013

inside-sydney-bbjThe Rev Canon Dr Bruce Ballantine-Jones OAM, former President, and now Emeritus Vice-President, of the Anglican Church League, has published a significant history of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

Inside Sydney: An Insider’s view of the changes and politics in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1966-2013 is available from The Wandering Bookseller. Click on the image for ordering details.

Here are some Endorsements of the book:

Inside Sydney is an insider’s personal perspective on one of Australia’s truly representative democracies, the Anglican Diocese of Sydney. Every democracy has a political dimension and Canon Bruce Ballantine-Jones participated in that democracy at every level for half-a-century. Here are the mature reflections on his experience, an analysis of how the Diocese works and why it does not and cannot work.

A lifelong lover and player of the political game, he must have been tempted, like professional politicians who write their memoirs, to engage in self-justification. But this account transcends that genre. It explains very complex machinery with exceptional clarity and never loses sight of its purpose: to support the proclamation of the gospel and to bring the people of Sydney to the new life in Christ which is the hallmark of his own life and ministry. It is essential reading for all who love the Diocese and also for those who do not love it, but need to understand it.

Associate Professor Stuart Piggin, Centre for the History of Christian Thought and Experience, Macquarie University.

This is an important book that should be widely read and discussed among those with an interest in the Diocese of Sydney and the gospel of Jesus Christ. Inside Sydney is a substantial study of an important question: How should the considerable resources of the large and complex organisation known as the Anglican Diocese of Sydney be harnessed to serve the cause of the Lord Jesus Christ? It is not the last word on its subject, nor is it indisputable in its conclusions, but it does offer an ‘insider’s’ account of events from 1966 to 2013, through which the author draws his conclusions, both critical and constructive.

Those who know BBJ will not be surprised to find the book honest (at times frankly so), very well informed (the author was directly involved in much of this story), generous (where critical judgements are made there is also a warm recognition of positive qualities and contributions) and engaging. I highly recommend this book.

Dr John Woodhouse, Former Principal Moore Theological College, Sydney.

Few developments in the Anglican world have been more significant and yet less widely understood than the remarkable growth and expansion of the Sydney diocese over the past half-century. This book offers us an eye-witness account of what has happened and an assessment of what it might mean for the future of the Anglican Church in Australia and in the wider world.

It is to be hoped that the publication of these memoirs will encourage others to share their insights as well, so that friends and observers of the Sydney scene will have a deeper understanding of the many forces at work that have produced this remarkable turn of events.

– Gerald Bray, Director of Research, Latimer Trust, London.

Available from The Wandering Bookseller: Inside Sydney: An Insider’s view of the changes and politics in the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, 1966-2013.

See also this interview with Bruce Ballantine-Jones, “Gospel Ministry and Church Politics: What’s the Connection?

Diocesan BBQ at Gilbulla

diocesan_bbq_nov_1966_495A blast from the past – from Southern Cross magazine, September 1966.

(We don’t do Barbecues like that any more!)

New ‘progressive’ Assistant Bishop for Brisbane

bp-elect-jeremy-greavesThe Archbishop of Brisbane, Dr Phillip Aspinall, today announced that Archdeacon Jeremy Greaves will be the new Bishop of the Northern Region of the diocese of Brisbane.

Read his full announcement here (PDF file).

David Ould has some background:

“Greaves’ appointment will be viewed by many as controversial, and even provocative.

He gained notoriety for himself when Dean of Darwin Cathedral, as a proponent of ‘progressive Christianity’, most recently being lead organiser of the 2016 ‘Common Dreams’ conference in Brisbane.

He is an outspoken supporter of same-sex marriage but, perhaps even more troubling, he rejects key understandings of Christianity that he will be required to reaffirm at his consecration (having already promised at his ordination to teach them). One particular example will suffice. …”

Read it all here.

(Photo credit: St. Mark’s Buderim.)

2016 Sydney Synod Dinner report

2016-dinner-495pxOn 10 October 2016, more than 220 people enjoyed the annual Anglican Church League Synod dinner in the Chapter House of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

The Dean of St. Andrew’s Cathedral, The Very Rev. Kanishka Raffel, shared his experiences of gospel ministry in Perth. He spoke of the many opportunities for evangelism which exist, both within and outside the church. He also spoke of the difficulties in deciding when and how to speak the gospel in a mixed diocese.

We were encouraged to stand firm for the gospel of Jesus Christ and were reminded that the work of the Anglican Church League in defending gospel truth and supporting gospel growth is both important and ongoing.

(Click the image for a larger version.)

Cornhill Sydney moves to Moore

gavin-perkinsIn what is great news for the training of preachers and Bible teachers in Sydney and beyond, Cornhill Sydney will relocate to the Newtown campus of Moore College from the start of 2017. This new location will facilitate closer partnership, with the common goal of better equipping men and women in Bible exposition, and especially those who are charged with the critical role of preaching…” – More good news from Moore College.

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