When must we break unity?

“At the recent Synod of the Sydney Diocese two important motions were passed concerning the wider Anglican communion.

The first affirmed our Archbishop for attending the consecration of Bishop Andy Lines as a Missionary Bishop for the UK.

The second expressed our sadness that the Scottish Episcopal Church had broken communion with us, and other faithful Anglicans, by their decisions concerning so-called ‘same-sex marriage’.

In those debates, the importance of unity in the church was raised as an argument against these actions. Such arguments need to be heard and considered. …”

– At The Australian Church Record, Canon Phil Colgan asks if ‘unity’ is needed at all costs.

Giving thanks for Dr. Broughton Knox — 24 years on

Former Principal of Moore College, Dr. David Broughton Knox, departed this earthly life twenty-four years ago, on January 14th 1994.

This is a good time to pause, remember, and to thank our heavenly Father for DBK.

To learn more, see also:

1. The Sermon preached by Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane at the funeral in St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney.

2. David Broughton Knox – What we owe to him – by Archbishop Donald Robinson.

3. Broughton Knox: servant of Christ Jesus – by Dr. Mark Thompson, May 2017.

“We have now come to lay him to rest with great sorrow for a loss we can ill afford. But we thank God upon every remembrance of a good and faithful servant.” – Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane.

(Photo with thanks to George Whitefield Theological College.)

Armidale Diocese Clergy Moves

For your prayers, the Diocese of Armidale has published news of clergy moves taking place early in 2018.

(Image adapted from an Anglican Church of Australia map.)

Archbishop of Melbourne calls for ‘intentional conversations’ on same-sex marriage

Archbishop of Melbourne, Dr. Philip Freier:

“I am very conscious of the pain that members of our church who are in same sex partnerships experience at this time when the society has changed in a way that the church hasn’t. …

I propose that we have intentional conversations about this next year. It will be good to prepare for this well and I will be looking for the best way these conversations can take place safely, gracefully and productively.”

The Melbourne Anglican has this story on an Ad Clerum sent by Archbishop Freier to Melbourne clergy just before Christmas.

Archbishop of Sydney’s 2017 Christmas message – tweet it to your friends

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney
2017 Christmas Message

Twitter now seems to be the preferred method of communication for at least one of our world leaders.   Read more

A Church Near You

The Church of England has a dedicated website to find your closest Anglican church – with the message that, for most people in the UK, their local church is less than a mile away.

If you are looking for an Anglican Church in Sydney this Christmas, check out Sydney’s own ChurchNearYou.com.au.

A Prodigal’s Christmas

“Everyone seems to love the story of a prodigal’s return. In fact, we often hear people say “ah, the prodigal has returned”. I imagine Christmas has often been the occasion of returning prodigals.

There was a time in Australia when most Aussies would have known where the expression came from. In case you don’t let me tell you. It is a Bible expression drawn from the story of two prodigals and a loving father that was told by Jesus Christ. …”

– Bishop of Armidale, Rick Lewers, on saying sorry and forgiveness at Christmas.

Archbishop Glenn Davies responds to the Report of the Royal Commission

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney
Media Statement
Report of the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

As we welcomed the establishment of the Royal Commission in 2012 under the Gillard Government and likewise the extension of the Commission’s brief in 2014 under the Abbott Government, we welcome the Final Report of the Commissioners.

We recognise the courage and strength of the survivors in giving testimony to the Commission. We are glad their painful stories will be preserved as a testament and a warning that such things should never have happened, and should not happen again. Anglican Church apologies, before and during the time of the Commission, can never adequately express the ongoing regret that these appalling acts should have been perpetrated on vulnerable children.

We also recognise the arduous and distressing task it has been for the Commissioners and staff to hear so many horrific stories of sexual abuse in institutions across the country.

Australia owes a debt of gratitude to the chair, Justice Peter McClellan, the Commissioners, Counsels assisting, and the entire staff of the Royal Commission.

We look forward to studying the final report so that we, as the Anglican Church, might examine the recommendations and where there are still things for us to do, we shall attend to these with rigour, compassion and integrity.

Dr Glenn N Davies
Archbishop of Sydney
15 December 2017.

Source: SydneyAnglicans.net.

Northwest Network December 2017

The December 2017 issue of Northwest Network, the newsletter of the Diocese of North West Australia, is now available for you to download.

Use it (1.4MB PDF file) to fuel your prayers for NW Australia, and the followers of Jesus who live there, as they hold fast to the word of life.

Dr Matt Brain elected 10th Bishop of Bendigo

Dr Matt Brain, Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn, has been elected 10th Bishop of the Diocese of Bendigo.

Here is the announcement from the Bendigo Vicar General:

“Diocesan Update – 7th December 2017

Election of 10th Bishop of Bendigo

Dear Friends,

Following the prayerful work of the Bishopric Electoral Board over a number of months, I am delighted to announce that last night The Right Rev’d Dr Matt Brain was duly elected by the Board as the 10th Bishop of Bendigo.

Bishop Matt is currently an Assistant Bishop in the Diocese of Canberra-Goulburn. He has worked in both lay and ordained capacity in five dioceses including North-West Australia where he was ordained and gained valuable experience in rural and remote ministry.

At the diocesan level Bishop Matt is currently responsible for Ministry Training and Development in Canberra- Goulburn, and oversees Parish Support Chaplaincy and Mission. He has served as Acting Registrar for the diocese on two occasions and was the Director of Anglican Diocesan Services until recently. He has served on numerous diocesan and school boards and is a member of General Synod and the Primatial Panel of Electors.

At the parish level he is currently the Rector of Arawang Anglican Church, south-west of Canberra, where he leads a ministry team comprising of ordained and lay leaders.

Bishop Matt has published numerous books, articles and conference papers and lectures at St Marks Theological College in Ministry and Outreach where he is also the deputy chair of the board. His doctoral thesis was “Treasures in Jars of Clay: Towards a new Pauline Pastoral Theology of Mission to Generation Y in Australia.”

Bishop Matt has a keen interest in advocacy and is a trustee of the Anglican Relief and Development Fund-Australia.

He is married to Rachael and they have 5 children aged 8-15. Bishop Matt originally trained and worked as a physiotherapist. He lists his interests as playing guitar, reading, cycling and jogging.

As a Diocese we have worked hard to be transformative, mission-shaped communities of faith so that our society may be transformed by Jesus. Bishop Matt is delighted to be able to join with us as we seek to be true to this calling and is looking forward to sharing in Jesus’ transformative work with us.

Details of when Bishop Matt will move to Bendigo will follow in the coming weeks. The date for his installation is Saturday, 17 February at St Paul’s Cathedral, Bendigo.

Please pray for Bishop Matt, Rachael and their children as they make their way to Bendigo and Matt starts his new ministry with us.

With blessings,

The Very Rev’d John Roundhill
Vicar General.”

Photo: Diocese of Canberra & Goulburn.

Same Sex Marriage legislation — Sydney Diocese Media Statement

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Media Statement

As previously acknowledged, I recognise the mandate of the Parliament to legislate for Same-Sex Marriage.

However, we are disappointed the votes against reasonable amendments did not reflect the concerns of significant sections of the community.

We appreciate the Prime Minister’s pledge to consider seriously the issues of freedom of speech, conscience and belief and await a timeline and terms of reference for the upcoming Ruddock review.

These issues are of vital concern to Australians of various faiths and of none, including the more than 1 in 3 Australians who voted No in the postal survey.

Archbishop Glenn Davies

Friday, 8 December 2017.

Source: SydneyAnglicans.net.

Moore College: Challenging Domestic Violence

“In light of recent reminders in the news about domestic violence among ministry families, Moore College wishes once again to affirm our strong commitment to tackling domestic violence and doing all in our power to ensure that all of our students and their spouses are both safe and equipped to deal with the issue.

For several years now we have been working to address the issue in multiple ways, including …”

– Moore College has outlined the ways the college has been challenging domestic violence.

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