Melbourne Synod: Women must have equal representation on diocesan council

“Archbishop Freier rebuked Synods over a number of years for failing to follow his lead in trying to diversify those involved in the governance of the diocese.

‘On different occasions, I have nominated all women… all people from non-English-speaking backgrounds and I’ve been dismayed that you, the members of Synod, when it comes to the ballot, have not seen (fit) to pick up that lead at all,’ Dr Freier said. …”

– Report from The Melbourne Anglican on the Melbourne Synod’s decision that that women must have equal representation on diocesan council.

More Same-Sex Blessings motions fail to pass in Australian Synods

“This past weekend saw synods in the metropolitan dioceses of Melbourne and Adelaide here in Australia. We’ve previously reported on the proposed motions there (Melbourne, Adelaide) to provide for blessings of same-sex marriages contracted by civil celebrants.

As is becoming clear, these motions are part of a coordinated campaign across the whole country. …”

David Ould with an overview from last weekend.

(Image: Anglican Church of Australia.)

Anglican Super moves from AMP to Mercer

“AMP Limited has lost a key corporate superannuation mandate …

Anglican National Super announced today at the Synod of the Anglican Diocese of Sydney that it had appointed the Mercer Super Trust to manage its superannuation fund …

Anglican National Super will transition its $250m superannuation fund to the Mercer Super Trust next year. …”

– Story from Super Review.

Sydney helps Bathurst

“The Synod of the Diocese of Sydney has voted in favour of a six-year plan to help fund the infrastructure of the Diocese of Bathurst, to ensure the continuation of Christian witness in Central Western New South Wales.

The Diocese has been beset with financial problems for the past decade and with shrinking congregations, is approaching the point where it cannot support the office of the Bishop and the Registry, vital to the oversight of ministry in the region. …”

Encouraging news of partnership from Sydney Synod. (

Melbourne’s third woman bishop – and other news from the dioceses

“When Kate Prowd is consecrated a bishop in Melbourne on Saturday, it will create Anglican history: she will be half of the first brother and sister pair to be bishops, both in the same diocese. …”

– News from the diocese of Melbourne.

Also from around other dioceses in the Anglican Church of Australia:


“It takes passion to persevere in professional sport. Even the best players need to be so in love with what they do that the training and sacrifice pales into insignificance. Perseverance in faith is enabled by setting our affection on God. How do you remind yourself how beautiful, sufficient, good, capable and praiseworthy God is? As Thomas Cranmer (the architect of Anglicanism) said, what the heart desires, the mind justifies and the will enacts. How does your affection for God then influence everything else?”

– Bishop of Bendigo, Matt Brain, writing in the October 2018 edition of The Spirit. (PDF)


Blessing of our furry and feathered friends – at Christ Church Cathedral.


“Saturday 22 September saw over 400 Anglicans from across the state gathering together for the 3rd annual Bishop’s Training Event, with a sense of excitement and expectation. …”

Bishop’s Training Event 2018 – Making Disciples Every Day.

Northern Territory:

“There are many ways gardening is like Christian ministry. It takes time and we have to be patient. It is nearly three years since I planted the pineapple tops (they might have fruited faster without the Carpentaria palms). We might have conversations over a long period with someone before we see a new stage of Christian growth or a big step forward in understanding what it means to follow Jesus. …”

Bishop Greg Anderson writes in the current issue of Top Centre. (PDF)

Diocese of Armidale Presidential Address Synod 2018

The Diocese of Armidale has published the Presidential Address by Bishop Rick Lewers to their 2018 Synod.

Well worth reading, and a reminder to pray for our brothers and sisters in that diocese.

A Drought Reflection

“I teared up! The farmer’s dozer was broken down, the diesel mechanic had returned to town for parts and the farmer’s chainsaw filled the bush with noise as he brought down branches suitable for his sheep to eat.

Over a sandwich we talked of assistance but the response was like that of others, ‘There are people a lot worse off than us!’ Five thousand dollars a week I am told to keep his sheep alive but his wife made clear that they’d take no help. …”

Bishop of Armidale Rick Lewers writes with a plea to the farming communities and those who would seek to help them.

Anglican Future starts with ‘Gospel Confidence’

“The opening of the Anglican Future Conference in Melbourne has begun with a stirring call for Christian leaders to defy secular stereotypes of the church as a dying force. …

The conference, with the theme “Grace and Truth in Uncertain Times” is organised jointly by the Evangelical Fellowship in the Anglican Church (EFAC) and the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans, Australia and New Zealand, chaired by the Bishop of Tasmania Richard Condie.”

– Russell Powell reports at

St. John’s Cathedral Brisbane ‘celebrating and supporting’ Brisbane Pride Festival

St. John’s Cathedral Brisbane, the ‘mother church’ of the Diocese of Brisbane, has announced it will be “Celebrating Pride and supporting the Brisbane Pride Festival throughout September”.

Announced via the Cathedral’s Facebook page.

Depending on Others

“O that it would rain! I admit to not knowing a whole lot about sheep and cattle and seasonal crops but I have been a person for sixty years and I’ve been farming people vocationally for thirty years of my working life.

I hope that doesn’t sound inappropriate and if it does, please forgive me. But like a farmer who hates to see his stock in poor condition, I am a person who hates to see any of God’s people in a similar condition. Sadly, those two things go hand in hand in times of drought. …”

– Bishop of Armidale, Rick Lewers, writes on his diocesan website.

Statewide meeting to be held to take on Tasmanian Anglican Church’s proposed property sales

“A coalition of parishioners protesting the planned sale of Anglican Church property around the state will band together in Campbell Town on Sunday.

This will be the first statewide meeting of regional groups under the banner of Save Our Community Soul. …”

– Story from The Advocate.

Riverina says farewell to Anglican Bishop Rob Gillion

“Over 200 people from across the Anglican Diocese of the Riverina gathered together to farewell Bishop Rob Gillion on Saturday, who handed his staff back after four years as their 10th Bishop. …”

– Story and photo from The Area News. (May require subscription.)

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