Archbishop Philip Freier to conclude as Primate on 31 March 2020

“The Primate of the Anglican Church of Australia, Archbishop Philip Freier of Melbourne, has announced that he will not seek reelection as Primate. He will stand down on 31 March 2020 in order to allow sufficient time for an election and for his successor to prepare for the pivotal General Synod in June.”

– David Ould has the news.

Sermon at the installation of Mark Calder as Bishop of Bathurst

Bishop Mark Calder was installed at Bathurst Cathedral today.

Hear the sermon he preached, from Luke 18:9-14. This is a pre-recorded version. Watch and share.

Mark Calder consecrated as Bishop of Bathurst

“The Bishop-elect of Bathurst, Mark Calder, has been consecrated in Sydney prior to his installation as the new Bishop in the Central West of New South Wales two days later.

Assisted by a large contingent of visiting bishops,  the bishop-elect was consecrated by the Metropolitan of New South Wales Archbishop Glenn Davies at St Andrew’s Cathedral in Sydney on Thursday, 21 November. …”

Story and photos by Russell Powell at

(Photo: Mark and Susan Calder after the service.)

Australian Bishops issue Communiqué: “testing times”

“The Bishops of the Anglican Church of Australia met this week in Melbourne to discuss the growing crisis in the national church precipitated by the decision of the synods of Wangaratta and Newcastle to legislate for a liturgy of blessing for those in same-sex marriage.

At the conclusion of their meeting they issued the following communiqué …”

– Read it via

Growing Christian Communities in Melbourne

Here’s an encouraging video giving some insight into church planting in the Anglican Diocese of Melbourne.

Newcastle Synod Decision a “Stitch-Up”

Last week the Synod of the Diocese of Newcastle approved two controversial bills relating to human sexuality. reports on some concerns and unhappiness as to how the bills came to the synod.

(Photo: Diocese of Newcastle.)

Bendigo Cathedral Priest enters Same-Sex Marriage

“A few weeks ago we reported on the self-publicised plan of Bendigo Cathedral priest to enter into a same-sex marriage.

The Bendigo Advertiser reported on the actual marriage itself.

Drew Reid and Father Noel Richards have become the first same-sex couple to be married in a Bendigo church.

The couple said ‘I do’ in front of family and friends at St Andrew’s Uniting Church in Bendigo on Saturday.”

– via (Image: Bendigo Advertiser.)

I support Sydney’s Anglicans

“The Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Glenn Davies, has been getting some rough treatment of late, aided largely by media coverage that either deliberately or negligently took his words out of context. …

The media portrayal of him as someone who was asking the faithful who struggle with the teaching on marriage and sexuality to leave was unjust and it, too, needs to be called out.”

– Monica Doumit, Director, Public Affairs and Engagement for the Archdiocese of Sydney, writes in The Catholic Weekly.

Newcastle Synod decision pushes Australian Anglicans to Precipice

“The synod of the Diocese of Newcastle which met this past weekend has taken a decision that will only further exacerbate the already very high tensions in the national church.

As we reported last week, the synod was due to consider 2 controversial pieces of legislation.

The first is an ordinance to remove the possibility of clergy in a same-sex marriage being open to a disciplinary tribunal by virtue of that relationship. The second, a bill, sought to establish a “Wangaratta”-style blessing for persons in same-sex marriages.

Only the first ordinance actually passed. Reports from the synod tell of time running out on the second bill and so, although it had support in principle, it could not be completed and will have to be presented next year. …”

– David Ould takes a close look at what happened at last weekend’s Newcastle Synod.

Photo of Bishop Peter Stuart addressing the Synod: Diocese of Newcastle.

What future has the Anglican Church of Australia?

“There can now be no doubt that the Anglican Church of Australia is headed towards a crisis moment. Some might argue it has been a long time coming but recent events have catalyzed the sense that we are rapidly arriving at a moment of decision.

So what has brought us to the edge of this cliff? …”

– At The Australian Church Record, David Ould gives his take on what is happening, and where he thinks things may go from here.

‘Newcastle Anglicans support gay marriage’

Newcastle’s Anglican diocese has voted to change church rules to allow ministers to bless same-sex marriages and prevent clergy in same-sex marriages from being punished by the church.

More than 200 clergy and lay people voted on the two bills at the diocese’s synod on Saturday, the majority in their favour. …”

The Northern Daily Leader is carrying this AAP report.

Like the earlier move by the diocese of Wangaratta, it appears that this will be considered by the Appellate Tribunal.

See also:

Bishop Peter Stuart Opens Synod with Presidential Address” – Newcastle Diocese. It includes a link to Bishop Stuart’s Presidential Address (PDF).

Photo: Diocese of Newcastle.

Newcastle 2019 Synod to consider blessings for same sex couples

Apparently taking the lead from Wangaratta diocese, the Newcastle Synod will debate same-sex blessings when it meets on Friday 25th and Saturday 26th October 2019.

The Newcastle diocesan website explains:

Human Sexuality & Marriage

The Right Reverend Professor Stephen Pickard will be a guest of the Synod and will be assisting the Synod explore its response to discussions about human sexuality and changes in the Marriage Act.

Two Bills (11.1 & 11.2) will be discussed relating to these topics.

The first Bill seeks to remove the potential for discipline against a member of the clergy who offers a blessing to a same sex couple as well as removing the potential for discipline against a member of the clergy who declines to offer a blessing.

It is a complex bill that requires it to be passed, assented to by the Bishop and then for the debate to be held again next Synod with a further occasion of the Bishops assent.

If passed the Bill would also allow a married clergy same sex couple.

The second Bill seeks to propose a form of blessing for people who have been married in a civil service.”

(Formatting and red highlights added.)

See also:

Newcastle Synod to debate same-sex blessings –, 22 September 2019.

Melbourne Anglicans vote to express ‘sorrow’ over blessing of same-sex marriages – ACL, 19 October 2019.

Guarding the faith in a changing world – Archbishop Glenn Davies, 14 October 2019.

There’s an integrity problem in the Anglican Church of Australia

“Imagine the marketing director for a major soft drinks company who drank and promoted the competitor’s leading brand of drink at press conferences. They wouldn’t expect to keep their job very long.
If they had any integrity.

Imagine a left-wing politician who only ever advocated for conservative positions. You’d think they’d resign and join another party.
If they had any integrity.

So what about ordained Anglican ministers who promised to defend and promote the church’s teaching from the Bible but instead constantly undermine and attack it while banking their stipend every month. The right thing to do would be to resign and join another group.
If they had any integrity. …”

David Ould challenges Bishops in the Anglican Church of Australia to act with integrity. See it all at the link.

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