Joint Primate Statement from Abp. Foley Beach & Abp. Henry Ndukuba

Here’s a Joint Statement from Archbishop Foley Beach (Primate of the Anglican Church in North America (ACNA) and Archbishop Henry Ndukuba (Primate of the Church of Nigeria (CoN) reaffirming their commitment to Lambeth 1998 Resolution 1.10.

Delighting in the Triune God from the Book of Revelation

Melvin Tinker is contributing this month’s Lift up your hearts devotions for GAFCON.

(And do check out his book That Hideous Strength: A Deeper Look at How the West was Lost.)


Prayers for North East Nigeria


“Rev Hassan John reports: ‘we rejoice for the release of one of our pastors, Bulus Yilkura, who was kidnapped in Peni village on 24th December 2020 and has been released by Boko Haram.

We still have Rev Polycarp Zongo being held captive. We need prayers for his release.’ (Photo is of Bulus Yilkura on his release).”

See the GAFCON website for daily prayer updates.

GAFCON’s Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions for March 2021


“Canon Craig Roberts, along with his colleagues at Anglican Youthworks (Australia) contribute to the Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions for the month of March.

The focus of the devotions demonstrates how throughout scripture, we see God at work through intergenerational discipleship.

The devotions are also available in Spanish and Portuguese, and in audio version in English.”

GAFCON’s Everyday Global Anglicans

Here’s another helpful podcast from GAFCON.

Ernie Didot, Gafcon Communications Director, writes,

“In April last year we started interviewing members of the global Gafcon family so that we could digitally connect with each other despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are now offering to you a monthly FREE subscription podcast to Everyday Global Anglicans and on a monthly basis we are continuing to interview various people from around the globe who help provide insight into the many ways that God is at work around the communion in everyday lives.”

Listen here.

Anglican Reality Check updated

GAFCON’s Anglican Reality Check has been updated for the start of 2021.

Check it out here – with the 2021 entry, “Bishops Gear Up For Long Lambeth Walk”.

Gafcon’s Lift Up Your Hearts Devotional

GAFCON is now publishing podcast versions of the Lift Up Your Hearts Devotional each weekday.

Dustin Messer in Dallas, Texas, is contributing the devotions in February 2021. You can read or listen to them here.

The audio is also available on Apple Podcasts.

Each runs for 3 or 4 minutes.

GAFCON Lawyers Task Force

“The Gafcon Lawyers Network provides legal and canonical counsel and resources to the Primates, bishops, clergy and other leaders of Gafcon as we seek to live out the Jerusalem Declaration and its implications for our life and ministry together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the supremacy of the Holy Scriptures. …”

– GOFCON highlights the Gafcon Lawyers Network, of which the ACL’s Chairman, Dr. Robert Tong, is Assistant Leader.

Gafcon Australasia 2021 – More Than a Giant Selfie

“As we prepare next July to bring together faithful Anglicans from Australia, New Zealand and our neighbouring Pacific Islands, we are planning a week-long conference that aims to help us enjoy and celebrate our common faith, so that we might be equipped and energised to faithfully proclaim Christ in our region. …”

– At The Australian Church Record, Jodie McNeill, Deputy Chair of the Gafcon Australasia 2021 Organising Committee, writes about what’s planned for the Conference.

Photo: GAFCON Media.

Christmas video message from Archbishop Foley Beach


Bishop Andy Lines interviewed on Anglican TV

Kevin Kallsen at Anglican TV speaks with Bishop Andy Lines about the new Anglican Network in Europe and the role he will play in it.

Watch here.

John 1 from Around the World!

As an encouragement, and as a reminder of our unity in Christ, members of Gafcon read John 1:1-18.

Gafcon Australia Statement about Wangaratta

Gafcon Australia has released this statement:

“The Board of Gafcon Australia notes with regret that a blessing of a civil marriage of two men has taken place in the Diocese of Wangaratta. This is inconsistent with the teaching of Christ that marriage is between a man and a woman. The Anglican Church of Australia has no other doctrine of marriage. Actions of this type in other Anglican jurisdictions around the world have deeply impaired fellowship between Anglican provinces and resulted in the most serious, and in some cases, formal and ongoing breaches of unity within and between Dioceses.  Gafcon Australia remains committed to supporting faithful and orthodox Anglicans wherever they may be, and invites any who are concerned about these recent developments to contact us for prayerful encouragement and support at”

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