Praying for Christians in Sudan

In a recent interview, Bishop Andudu Adam Elnail spoke about the Peace Agreement signed in Sudan earlier this month.

Fuel for prayer.

Bishop Andudu and Faith McDonnell lead GAFCON’s Suffering Church Network.

Good News from Sudan

“The Gafcon Suffering Church Network leaders, Faith McDonnell and Bishop Andudu Adan Elnail, joined Gafcon’s Everyday Global Anglicans for an interview about recent, positive developments in Sudan.

A peace agreement was signed which will have significant implications for the church in Sudan. …”

– Watch at the GAFCON website.

GAFCON Chairman’s September 2020 Letter

“It seems trite and overused to say we are living in ‘unprecedented times.’ But the reality is that we are. These times are still ‘unprecedented.’

But they are not unique. The history of the Church is full of the changes and chances of life and the followers of Jesus continued on with His ministry and His message.

So, in the midst of these times, we press on towards Christ and His purposes for us. We go forward. Always Forward.  Everywhere Forward! …”

– Archbishop Foley Beach, Chairman of the GAFCON Primates Council, shares encouragement in this month’s pastoral letter.

GAFCON Lift Up Your Hearts Devotions with Stephen Noll

The Rev. Dr. Stephen Noll is contributing this month to GAFCON’s “Lift Up Your Hearts” devotionals.

He is sharing on the subject of “Marriage According to the Book of Common Prayer”.

Read or listen at the GAFCON website.

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David Short remembers J I Packer standing for the gospel

As part of an online GAFCON tribute to Dr J I Packer, Canon David Short in Vancouver remembers and gives thanks.

David’s contribution begins here. He goes on to recall the crisis in the Diocese of New Westminster from 32 minutes – but watch it all. Archbishop Ben Kwashi, Dr. Leslie Thyberg and Dr. Joel Scandrett also take part.

David mentions Packer’s essays “Why I walked” and “Speculating in Anglican Futures”.

Most encouraging.

Remembering J I Packer — GAFCON Live event

GAFCON is holding a live event to remember, and give thanks for J I Packer.

It starts at 6:00am Eastern Australian time, tomorrow (Thursday 30th July 2020).

GAFCON Chairman’s letter June 2020

“Earlier this month, I chaired a meeting of the Gafcon Primates Council. Although we could not meet face to face, there was a remarkable joy in our time together and a strong sense that God is building his kingdom as our Churches seek to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations. …”

– Read Archbishop Foley Beach’s June 2020 letter here.

Gafcon Australasian conference 2021

From Gafcon Australia:

“The Board of Gafcon Australia, along with Anglicans from both the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia (ACANZP) and the Church of Confessing Anglicans Aotearoa New Zealand (CCAANZ), are pleased to announce a joint conference in July 2021.

While we can only dream of gathering together and travelling to other places now, we would like you to mark in your diary Mon 19th to Thu 22nd July, 2021, for this conference.”

Dr Ashley Null will be the keynote speaker.

Pre-register your interest here.

GAFCON Australasian Celebration 2020 — Wednesday 24th June 2020

From GAFCON Australia: Read more

GAFCON Moment & Prayer 8 June 2020


Global Anglicans Moment & Prayer is an initiative for churches around the world so that each week they are kept up to date with news and a prayer item. Please share these in your church’s bulletins and media announcements.

GAFCON Chairman’s Letter Pentecost 2020

“Beloved in Christ Jesus: Greetings in the name of our Risen Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

At Pentecost we rejoice that we are indeed ‘not left as orphans’ (John 14:18), but through the crucified, risen and ascended Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit is poured out upon us in fulfilment of God’s promise.

It is by the Spirit of Jesus in our hearts that we are able to cry ‘Abba! Father! (Galatians 4:6) and even though many of us may not be able to able to sing the praises of God together in this time of pandemic, may our hearts nonetheless overflow with praise and adoration to God who so wonderfully restores us through his Son in the power of the Holy Spirit!…”

– Chairman of the GAFCON Primates Council, Archbishop Foley Beach, has released this letter for Pentecost 2020.

Archbishop Foley Beach’s Invitation to GAFCON Sunday 2020

GAFCON Sunday is on June 28 2020, and GAFCON’s Chairman, Archbishop Foley Beach invites you to take part.

Watch the video, and also see these resources.

What is GAFCON?

Here’s a new two-minute video, giving an overview of what and who is GAFCON.

Short enough to include in your livestream or recorded service on GAFCON Sunday, June 28, or any time.

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