‘Plan to groom ‘talent’ for high office in CofE’

Church of England“A radical overhaul of the Church of England’s leadership is under way.

A key report, still unpublished, sets out a programme of ‘talent management’ in the Church. The report has been signed off by the two Archbishops, and a £2-million budget has been allocated. It was discussed by all the bishops in September, and the House of Bishops on Monday…”

– Story from The Church Times.

Archbishop Welby interviewed for The Times

Archbishop Justin Welby, General Synod, 18 Nov 2013An interview with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby was published in The Times on Saturday.

The full article is behind a paywall, however, Anglican Mainstream has some excerpts.

Church Society on the Appointment of a ‘headship’ evangelical Bishop

Church Society“Church Society welcomes the news that a man who upholds the complementarian view of headship will soon be appointed to the vacant See of Maidstone. …

The imminent appointment of a bishop with this conviction is an important step in realising that commitment and rebuilding trust in the family of the Church. We are particularly encouraged by the recognition that the evangelical complementarian perspective should be represented in the College of Bishops after several years without a spokesman.

We wish to stress that this is but a first step: for flourishing, rather than mere toleration and tokenism, more surely needs to be done. For example, if soon a complementarian suffragan were to be appointed in the province of York also, that would be a further positive expression of the Church’s intent that complementarians can flourish within the structures and life of the Church.…”

Statement from Church Society by the Rev Dr Lee Gatiss, Director, and the Rev Paul Darlington, Chairman.

‘Bishops worldwide pray and fast for the climate’

Bishop Nicholas Holtam“The Bishop of Salisbury is praying and fasting today, and on the first day of every month, for a meaningful and fair agreement at next year’s UN climate talks. … Bishop Nicholas said: … “Climate change affects people of all countries and all faiths. It should be something which unites the human race. …”

– from the Anglican Communion News Service. (Photo: Diocese of Salisbury.)

Archbishop Welby: the Communion’s challenges

Archbishop WelbyIn his Presidential address to the Church of England’s General Synod, Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby  spoke about the issues faced by the Anglican Communion and possible ways forward.

While emphasising that “the Anglican Communion exists and is flourishing in roughly 165 countries”, he also conceded,

“There are enormous problems. We have deep divisions in many areas, not only sexuality. There are areas of corruption, other areas where the power of the surrounding culture seems to overwhelm almost everyone at one point or another.

Our divisions may be too much to manage.

In many parts of the Communion, including here, there is a belief that opponents are either faithless to the tradition, or by contrast that they are cruel, judgemental, inhuman. I have to say that we are in a state so delicate that without prayer and repentance, it is hard to see how we can avoid some serious fractures.”

Read or watch it here.

Reform calls for ‘decisive intervention’ to save shared conversations on sexuality from collapse

Reform“At its most recent meeting on Wednesday, 1st October 2014, the Reform Council expressed its dismay that the objectives of the ‘shared conversations’ on Scripture, Sexuality and Mission had been changed and that as a result orthodox Anglicans had been in effect excluded. It called on its members not to participate in the conversations under these conditions…”

– A media release from Reform.

Related: Church of England College of Bishops meeting, 17 September 2014.

GAFCON backs English renewal

augustine“GAFCON understands the challenges that faithful Anglicans face in England, according to the Chairman Eliud Wabukala.

The Archbishop made the comment in a message to the recent RENEW conference, organised by the groups Reform, Church Society, and the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE).

Archbishop Wabukala, who chairs the GAFCON Primates Council, recently issued a pastoral letter in which he said “AMiE is authorised by the GAFCON Primates to work within and, where necessary, outside the structures of the Church of England as a missionary society”.

The conference committed delegates to “work for a nation of healthy, local Anglican churches throughout England.”

In particular, it committed to looking at opportunities for church planting, training and to “to contend together for the faith once delivered to the saints by developing a joint approach to working within our diocese /region given the theological convictions and teaching of the diocesan leadership.”

The conference also approved a doctrinal statement which began “Knowing that unity is a work of the Holy Spirit which can only be established through the atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ, we rejoice in the fellowship of all those who subscribe to the 2008 Jerusalem Declaration.”

The Jerusalem Declaration was agreed to by the first Global Anglican Future Conference (GAFCON) in 2008.”

from GAFCON.


GAFCON Chairman’s Pastoral Letter September 2014.

Anglican Mission in England.

ReNew: united, confessing, missional

The Rev Andrew Symes“Is the Commitment signed on Tuesday by delegates at the ReNew conference a manifesto for schism? In a word, no. …

The partnership of Church Society with Reform means that there remains a strong commitment to working within the existing structures of the Church of England. There is a real desire to take Archbishop Welby at his word,  that as Conservative Evangelicals are considered to be part of authentic Anglicanism and encouraged to “flourish” (according to the July statement on Women Bishops), so churches in this tradition should be encouraged to grow and multiply.…

The controversial part of the commitment is the recognition that there will be times when pioneering new congregations will on occasion mean operating without Diocesan approval, and the Anglican Mission in England (AMiE) is the mechanism to enable this.”

– Anglican Mainstream’s Andrew Symes looks at the new vision for growing evangelical churches in England.

‘Gay rector faces backlash in pews’

Dominic McClean“An Anglican clergyman is facing opposition from parishioners over a service in his local church to bless his same-sex civil partnership.

The Rev Dominic McClean, the Rector of 13 parishes around the village of Market Bosworth in Leicestershire, invited parishioners to the special service this weekend to mark his civil union with his partner…” – Story from The Telegraph. (h/t SydneyAnglicans.net) Photo: Market Bosworth Benefice.

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