Pressing on or Treading Water?

“There is still a strange eerie feeling about the community at the moment. It was present during the bushfires, and it is still here with the coronavirus. If normal life was all about parties, crowds, and living it up, then normality has yet to return. Everything remains disrupted, although to varying degrees.

To some, it all seems rather exaggerated, even manufactured, perhaps a plot concocted by political powers who are seeking to exercise yet more power. To others, it seems that the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse have been let loose, and the end is nigh.

If we are Christians, we are called upon, in the first place, to be faithful, and seek God’s Word for our hearts and minds. …”

Great encouragement in this message from The Rev. Dr Peter Barnes, Moderator-General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

How to Pray for your Pastor during Lockdown

“If you pray for your pastor, as I hope you do, how will you pray for him during this coronavirus lockdown?

Of course, this global lockdown affects us all differently. We live under widely varying regulations in different countries or even in different counties within the same country.

But there are some things you can pray for your pastor – regardless of his circumstance. Consider these six. …”

Some encouraging thoughts from Christopher Ash, at 9Marks.

(Photo: Christopher Ash at the 2016 Moore College graduation.)

John Chapman: Encouragement for Evangelism

“Do you really believe the gospel can convert your friends?”

[We posted this in February 2020. The pandemic is an excellent time to be reminded of this encouragement.]

In June and July 1977, the Sydney University Evangelical Union ran a major campus-wide mission. It was a big undertaking for the members of the SUEU, and a great blessing to many at the university.

John Chapman (Director of the Department of Evangelism in Sydney Diocese from 1969) and Paul Barnett (Rector of Holy Trinity Adelaide since 1973, and previously Rector of St. Barnabas Broadway) were the missioners.

Several months before the Mission, SUEU President Adrian Lane asked Chappo to record some words of encouragement for SUEU members. This 6 minute and 34 second tape is the result. We hope you find it a real encouragement.


Or right click on this link to download the 3.2MB mp3 file.


Phillip Jensen on Chappo, March 2013. – The Briefing, Matthias Media.

The preaching of John Chapman – Simon Manchester, The Briefing.

John Chapman – a personal reflection from Mark Thompson.

John Charles Chapman (Chappo) – by David Cook.

Chappo’s contribution to the Anglican Diocese of Armidale – Tim Stevens.

Archbishop Sir Marcus Loane remembers the beginnings of the SUEU – ACL.

(1980 photo: AFES.)

Partnership is a special gift of God

“Our world is in great need. That is more obvious every day. People are lost without Christ and they do not even realise it. A culture that is moving at breakneck speed away from its gospel heritage is unravelling and doing immense but unrecognised harm.

We need more men and women who are deeply immersed in the Scriptures, whose lives and teaching consistently re ect God’s truth and his gracious, loving character, and who are gifted and thoroughly prepared for the joys and challenges of this moment and the moments to come.

We cannot afford to take shortcuts in preparing people for a lifetime of word ministry in the world and among God’s people. There is too much at stake, and Christian leadership in this form is under constant assault from the evil one. …”

– Moore College Principal, Dr. Mark Thompson, writes about the great value of gospel partnership in the latest (Autumn 2020) Moore Matters.

Read online or download the PDF file.

(Photo courtesy The Pastor’s Heart.)

Fireside Songs — Colin Buchanan Online Concert for Adults Thursday 7th May

The Gospel Coalition Australia is partnering with Colin Buchanan to host an online concert for adults this Thursday, 7th May, at 7:30pm AEST.

Sounds like a great idea.

Never Alone – Using our isolation for the sake of eternity

“If we had not understood the word ‘isolation’ before now, then we have all had a heavy dose of this experience in the past month! The Government’s restrictions on movement have impacted us all, with the strong message: ‘Stay home!’.…”

Archbishop Glenn Davies writes in the current issue of Southern Cross.

Mincaye is now with Jesus

“On Tuesday afternoon, Mincaye, the former warrior who in 1956 speared to death Nate Saint and Ed McCully, two of the five missionary martyrs in Ecuador, passed from this life to the next. A member of the once fierce Huaorani tribe, Mincaye had come to Christ, and was a transformed man, a delightful brother who was a joy to be with. …”

Randy Alcorn shares the news.

May 2020 Southern Cross now online

Anglican Media Sydney has released the May 2020 issue of Southern Crossonly available online – to read in your browser or as a PDF download.

Lots of encouraging articles.

For your prayers, there’s also a report (pages 9 and 10) on the coronavirus outbreak at Newmarch House at Caddens.

[Anglicare CEO Grant Millard] said the COVID-19 outbreak was “unprecedented and traumatic”. “Nothing actually prepares you for the trauma that our staff and residents and families are dealing with,” he said. “Please keep our residents and their families in your thoughts and prayers, especially those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.”

North West Network May 2020

The May 2020 edition of North West Network is now available at this link. (3.3MB PDF file.)

Fuel for your prayers for the Diocese and people of North West Australia.

Meditating on the glory of Christ

“In an earlier post, I suggested that the confinement of the COVID-19 crisis might provide Christians with an opportunity to recover the art of meditating on Scripture to prepare ourselves for our greatest act of faith – coming to terms with our finitude and ultimately handing our bodies over to Christ in death.

Doing this requires the cultivation of habits and disciplines on our part. At the very least it involves setting aside time, removing distractions, turning off the technology, together with prayer and patience.

A while back a friend and I tried to set aside a couple of hours individually each month for this, and then got together to compare notes together afterwards. …”

– Dr Andrew Leslie at Moore College writes in The Australian Church Record.

Anglicans and pandemics: 101 years on

“This is not the first time that the ACR has seen a pandemic.

From 1880, the Church Record, as it was known, reported on all the news relating to the Anglican Church in Australia and New Zealand. So I did a bit of research and trawled through the archives to find out what the Church Record said about the 1919 influenza epidemic.

I discovered that the ACR has ‘seen this movie before’ and has some wise advice for us today. …”

– Bronwyn Windsor shares the encouragement she discovered. At The Australian Church Record.

Peter Jensen: Why I am still a Christian

“I still remember learning to swear. It was in my first year at secondary school. I was aged 13. My parents never used bad language – at least, not in front of their children. I did hear my father say “bloody” once, but that was when I brought him my final school report. But in order to impress my peers I had to speak their language and so I did.

Not the greatest sin in the book, and the experience of virtually all of us. Not worth remarking on, except for one thing. When, after a while, I tried to rein myself in and stop, I found that I was powerless to do so. It was not the fact of a relatively trivial sin but the power of sin which impressed itself on me. It was as if I had given up my freedom to join a club. When I read the words of Jesus, ‘Whoever commits sin is a slave to sin,’ I understood them at once. …”

– Dr Peter Jensen, now Editor of Churchman, shares his story – at Church Society.

Most encouraging and good to share. (Image from The Pastor’s Heart.)

Corona Crisis — a Five week series from the Bishop of Bathurst

Next Sunday, the Bishop of Bathurst, Mark Calder, begins a 5 week special sermon series addressing issues raised by the crisis.

This weekend, he turns to Psalm 13.

Do pray that this series might be a blessing to many across New South Wales, and further afield.

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