The Bible and Same-Sex Marriage: An Overview from Ridley College

“Our purpose in writing this brief letter is to support our fellow Anglicans in wrestling with this issue by offering a summary of the scholarly discussion over what the Bible teaches on homosexuality, and an explanation for why we believe the traditional path on marriage and sexuality is the one that Christ is calling us to take.”

– Ridley College, Melbourne, has issued an open letter affirming the Biblical doctrine of marriage.

As David Ould notes, this is a significant contribution to the conversation among Australian Anglicans, especially in the light of the unilateral action of the Diocese of Wangaratta.

The big mistake many secular people make about religious discrimination

There’s a big mistake many secular people make about religious discrimination.

It’s a mistake I’ve seen repeated many times. Even by (or especially by) educated secular commentators. This mistake is a fairly recent one. But it’s impact is serious: it’s eroding religious freedom in Australia. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition Australia, Akos Balogh thinks there’s a better way of understanding the issues.

Australia’s Anglican ‘Blessing’ Liturgy – What is it?

“The same-sex marriage blessing liturgy presented to the Wangaratta synod for their approval (and due to be presented to the upcoming Newcastle synod) is not a new piece of work but, rather, heavily dependent upon other similar liturgies first developed more than 20 years ago in the 1990s and earlier. …”

David Ould takes a look at the origins of the liturgies being promoted in Australia to bless same-sex marriages, and what they claim to achieve.

Fired for using the wrong pronouns

“Two cases have been highlighted overseas recently where a Christian employee has been fired for declining to use the ‘preferred pronoun’ of a person who identifies as a different gender to their biological sex.

The cases illustrate that religious freedom, and free speech generally, in the workplace can be under challenge in circumstances involving ‘gender identity’ issues. …”

– At Law and Religion Australia, Neil Foster outlines recent cases in the United Kingdom and in the USA, and considers the Australian context.

Doctor’s Biblical belief ruled ‘incompatible with human dignity’

“A Christian doctor has been told that his belief in the Biblical view of what it is to be male and female is ‘incompatible with human dignity’.

Dr David Mackereth, who had been an NHS A&E doctor for 26 years, was forced out of his job working for the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) after refusing to use ‘transgender pronouns’…”

Christian Concern in the UK highlights a ruling from the Employment Tribunal which states that the doctor’s Christian beliefs are not ‘worthy of respect in a democratic society’.

Religious discrimination bill so flawed it cannot be supported, Anglicans say

“The flaws in the Coalition’s religious discrimination bill are ‘so serious’ it cannot be supported in its current form, the Sydney Anglican diocese has warned. …

In a separate submission, the Freedom for Faith group has claimed the bill fails a commitment by the prime minister, Scott Morrison, ‘that the law would not take faith groups backwards in terms of protection of religious freedom’. …”

– Story from The Guardian.

Crowd Madness and The New Religion of The West

“ ‘There are 2 gunman at the university – tell your friends on campus’.

The text arrives from a friend, who knows I’m often on campus. But I can’t believe it: surely this is spam?

So I ring my friend to confirm. Yes, the text is legit: A collegue of his has a contact at the university.There really are gunmen at Southern Cross University in Lismore.

I well up with anxiety. My head starts racing. Is this really happening?…

But the herd mentality isn’t limited to stressful rumours about active shooters (as bad as they are). Any idea can lead to herd mentality, as it spreads among a population.”

– At The Gospel Coalition Australia, Akos Balogh draws some helpful ideas for Christians from a new book about western culture.

Submission on the Religious Freedom draft laws

Associate Professor Neil Foster shares his personal submission on the Government’s package of draft laws on Religious Freedom – at Law and Religion Australia.

If you would like to make your own submission, you have until 5:00 pm on Wednesday 2nd October 2019.

The passing of new abortion laws — Statement from Archbishop Glenn Davies

Anglican Diocese of Sydney

Media Statement

Abortion laws pass the NSW Parliament

I want to thank the people of NSW who have petitioned, rallied and written to their parliamentary representatives during the recent debate on abortion.

Much has been achieved through these efforts so that the Bill that was finally passed by the Parliament is a far better Bill than what was introduced eight weeks ago.

We said at the time that it was unconscionable to attempt to rush this through the Lower House in the originally proposed timeframe, without any public consultation. We are grateful for the time that both Houses gave to the Bill and for the amendments made in both Houses.

Yet we are deeply saddened by the passing of these laws and the abortion-on-demand regime they introduce. The life of both a mother and her child in the womb are precious to God. We must love them both and protect them both.

May God have mercy on us.

Dr Glenn N Davies, Archbishop of Sydney, 26 September 2019

– Source:

Tragic day for Australia as NSW parliament passes its deadly abortion bill

“The Australian Christian Lobby has expressed its deep disappointment at the passing of the controversial abortion bill in the NSW Parliament today.

The bill, which has seen the third longest debate on any bill in the Legislative Council, quickly passed the Legislative Assembly this morning on the voices, after passing the Upper House with amendments last night. …”

– Press release from The Australian Christian Lobby.

Possibly ‘the worst law passed in New South Wales in modern times’

“Last night the controversial bill, which has been the source of public and political debate over the past eight weeks, passed the upper house 26 votes to 14.

This paved the way for it to be reintroduced to the Lower House today.

Ms Berejiklian, who faced significant public criticism from conservative figures over the bill, was not in the chamber for the final vote.…”

– Report from ABC News.

(Image from the 15 September 2019 Stand for Life rally in Hyde Park.)

Freedom for Faith submission on the draft Religious Discrimination Bill

Freedom for Faith has released its submission to the Commonwealth Government on its Exposure Draft Religious Discrimination Bill. …

I recommend it as an excellent overview of the Bill, with a good summary of its good points and some areas where it could be improved. …”

– See Neil Foster’s latest post to download a copy of the submission, along with previous comments – at Law and Religion Australia.

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