NEXUS19 on Monday March 25

Don’t forget the coming NEXUS19 Conference coming up later this month.

Mark Dever is among the speakers.

Details here.

Take Heart!

“You should read this book!

Matt Chandler writes clearly and honestly about the society we live in – from the challenges it presents us to the hope the gospel holds for those who live in it. …”

– At Church Society’s blog, Philip Hobbs introduces Matt Chandler’s book ‘Take Heart!’.

Practical tips for sharing the gospel with a stranger

“How are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?… Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Rom 10:14, 17)

How often do we consider the urgency of Paul’s words here? In 2017 McCrindle Research did a nation-wide study of faith and belief in Australia. It found that at least 1.5 million people don’t know a Christian. In fact, 1 in 29 people have never heard of Jesus. But the survey also found that 10 percent of Australians – that’s 2.4 million people – are interested in having a conversation about Jesus.

I once had no Christian friends or family, and I first heard the gospel from a stranger…”

– ACL Council member Mike Taylor shares encouragement and a challenge. At the Australian Church Record.

More on Ephesians

ACL Council member, Dr Lionel Windsor, is continuing to post insightful and encouraging reflections on Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians.

See them at Forget the Channel. (Scroll down to Recent blog posts.)

Reform resources now available through Church Society

Following the recent merger of Reform with Church Society, many Reform resources are now available on Church Society’s website for free download – with much more to come.

“Over the past 25 years, Reform published many excellent papers and booklets, which we are now delighted to host here on the Church Society website. The collection includes papers from Jonathan Fletcher, Susie Leafe, David Banting, David Holloway, Mike Ovey and John Richardson among many others. Subjects include complementarian ministry, sexuality, mission and ministry, and specific issues to do with the Church of England and Anglicanism more generally.”

See the Reform Archive here.

A Tender Lion: The Life, Ministry, and Message of J.C. Ryle

ACL website readers might be interested in this book about J. C. Ryle. Commended by Phillip Jensen, it’s currently on special at Reformers bookshop in Stanmore.

J. C. Ryle is to Anglican evangelicals as C. H. Spurgeon is to Baptist evangelicals. The lives of great servants of God deserve our careful study to understand the trajectory from which we have come, to remove the cultural blinders of living in the present, and to find exemplars of gospel ministry, that we may imitate their faith. Bennett Rogers has done us all a great favour by writing this book on J. C. Ryle with detailed scholarship and eminently readable prose.” – Phillip Jensen.

Also other items on special of possible interest –

Letters of John Calvin (reduced to $24.99) and Geerhardus Vos: Reformed Biblical Theologian, Confessional Presbyterian (now $35).

(The ACL does not have any business relationship with Reformers Bookshop. We just thought you might be interested.)

Gospel Flourishing in a Time of Confusion — new book from Church Society

At Church Society’s website, there’s news of a new book to help evangelicals in the midst of a very confused Church of England.

Creating a culture of doctrinal literacy

“My favourite book on Christian doctrine is Peter Jensen’s At the Heart of the Universe.

It’s short, sharp, soaked in Scripture, and came about as a result of research for presenting the material orally. Best of all, it begins with eschatology – something that sets it apart, in a good way, from most (if not all) other approaches to Christian doctrine.

But whenever I pick up a book on Christian doctrine, I expect to hear some sort of apologetic for its very existence, and Dr Jensen’s work is no exception. In the introduction he writes …”

– Ben Pakula shares some ideas at The Australian Church Record.

“Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast”

“Culture can eat Strategy for breakfast. But here is a possible tactic to create a culture that serves God’s infallible strategy …”

– Good stuff from Richard Chin, via The Gospel Coalition Australia. (Image: AFES.)

#inChrist (Ephesians 1:3)

More treasures from Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians, thanks to Dr. Lionel Windsor.

Posts already published at Forget the Channel:

  1. Lift Your Eyes: Introducing Ephesians.
  2. Paul: in his own words (Ephesians 1:1a).
  3. Amazing holiness (Ephesians 1:1b).
  4. This God (Ephesians 1:2).
  5. #inChrist (Ephesians 1:3).

– with plenty more planned.

The Bible Theft: Guarding Against Those who Steal God’s Word from the Church

Dr. Peter Sanlon (pictured), Vicar of St. Mark’s Tunbridge Wells, has recently published “The Bible Theft” – a book to help Christians spot the various kinds of anti-Biblical teaching running rampant in the Church of England.

It’s a very timely book, and Julian Mann draws attention to it:

“This tremendously accessible and intelligent book from the pastoral front line breathes the excitement of Christian truth and thus commends the Faith to both Christians and non-Christians.”

Australian readers can order copies from these booksellers (and, doubtless, others).

9Marks Journal: Ecclesiology for Calvinists

The latest 9Marks Journal – February 2019 – is now available as a free download.

Plenty to think about.

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