Australian Church Record — October 2014

Australian Church RecordThe latest issue of The Australian Church Record, Number 1914, October 2014, is now out on their website (just in time for Sydney Synod). Here are some excerpts:

From ‘Faith Under Attack‘

“So Protestants should be alarmed at recent trends in scholarship presenting fine-sounding arguments for faith + something else. And Anglicans need to be alarmed at even small additions to their liturgy that confuse those praying it in this same direction.”

From ‘Faith Alone v. Faith at work‘

“The tendency of the human heart to want to boast in its own achievements is all too prevalent. But there is nothing that we do to merit our justification before God. Like our forebears, contemporary Protestantism must continue to work carefully and clearly in defining the place of faith.”

Download your copy here.

Does God really want you to be rich?

John Piper“We’ve all heard the phrase ‘worshipping the almighty dollar’. But there are some people who take the phrase literally. To them, the almighty, as in God, is the key to wealth and riches. Serve him well and material wealth will be the reward.

This philosophy is the cornerstone of an American movement called ‘prosperity theology’, and one man who preaches its message to his Australian flock is Hillsong Church leader Brian Houston…”

– in The Australian, Anthony Sharwood links to an excellent video by John Piper (pictured). You may have seen it before – watch it again.

Christmas mission, Christmas transmission

Christmas Carols Radio“For years I’ve been wrestling with how we might ever attract non-Christians to willingly engage with media that communicates the gospel. And then it hit me. The one time non-Christians do want to engage with the Christian message is at Christmas – and there’s no starker example of this than the church carol service. But there’s more. Each Christmas I’ve also heard media channels such as Classic FM playing lots of carols amongst their regular programming, even taking requests for carols!

How interesting that the Christmas story is being broadcast on secular media, to a Christmas-hungry audience. And so after years of wondering, an idea was born – Christmas Carols Radio…”

– Ben Vane, studying at Oak Hill College in London, had a great idea.

Check out Christmas Carols Radio and pass on the URL to your friends in time for Christmas.

Sitting at Jesus’ feet — Preaching Matters

William TaylorIn the latest Preaching Matters video from St Helen’s Bishopsgate, William Taylor emphasises the importance of ‘sitting at Jesus’ feet’. Watch it here.

Gerald Bray interviewed at Moore College

Professor Gerald BrayDuring his recent visit to Moore College, Professor Gerald Bray was interviewed and three clips are available:

1. On theological education,
2. On Moore College, and
3. Why Study at Moore?

Owen Shelley’s Autobiography and How to Tell Bible Stories

Owen ShelleyHere’s a note from Shelley and Son…

“Earlier this year Owen got very excited about a new project. He wanted to write a simple guide that would help people involved in Children’s Ministry to tell Bible Stories in a relevant and interesting way. His life’s pursuit had been to present the gospel to children through stories and hence he had very clear and well thought out ideas and strategies of how to present a clear message that would also engage the children.  Read more

Mike Horton on Moore

Mike HortonIt’s easy to take a place like Moore College for granted.

While he was in Sydney for the Annual Lectures, Mike Horton (Westminster Seminary California) spoke about the role of Moore.

Among other things, Mike gives this advice –

“If God is calling you to ministry, start at Moore – don’t end up at some point down the line – Why not get right at it?” Take a few minutes to watch the videos:

1. On the challenges facing the church and why people should study at Moore.
2. On Moore and the need for theological education.
3. Mike is asked about his ministry.

Thinking about Moore College for 2015?

ApplyMoore College would like you to think about studying next year.

Undergraduate? Postgraduate? Distance learning? See what the college has to offer and apply by November 30 to avoid extra admin fees. Details here.

The War of the Cross

war-of-the-cross“When ISIS changed its name in June from ‘the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’ (ISIL, or the Arabic acronym ISIS) to simply ‘the Islamic State’, this was a shift of enormous theological and eschatological significance. …

The Islamic State sees itself … playing a key role in the End Times in fulfilment of many prophecies, when all the enemies of Islam (particularly Christians) will be defeated.”

– Dr Patrick Sookhdeo, International Director of Barnabas Fund, writes that the theology and eschatology of ISIS explains a great deal about their actions. (Photo: Barnabas Fund.)

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