Freedom for Faith submission on the draft Religious Discrimination Bill

Freedom for Faith has released its submission to the Commonwealth Government on its Exposure Draft Religious Discrimination Bill. …

I recommend it as an excellent overview of the Bill, with a good summary of its good points and some areas where it could be improved. …”

– See Neil Foster’s latest post to download a copy of the submission, along with previous comments – at Law and Religion Australia.

Practical tips for sharing the gospel with a stranger

“How are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching?… Faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.” (Romans 10:14, 17)

How often do we consider the urgency of Paul’s words here? …

– At, Mike Taylor shares some very helpful ideas for sharing Christ. Read, and be spurred to action.

God in the Rainforest by Kathryn Long — Review by Wei-Han Kuan

“There are few stories in the English-speaking evangelical Christian world that have had greater impact than that of the Auca Five. Five young North American men, full of the promise and potential of the post-WWII generation, speared to death in equatorial Ecuador as they sought to bring the Gospel of Christ to a hitherto unreached, reclusive, jungle tribe. …”

– CMS Victoria State Director Wei-Han Kuan looks at an important and sobering book, God in the Rainforest: A Tale of Martyrdom & Redemption in Amazonian Ecuador by Kathryn Long,

Men Praying for Moore

The next Men’s Prayer gathering to pray for Moore College is on Saturday 21st September.

Details and RSVP here.

Seeing God at Ground Zero: an Aussie’s testimony from 9/11

“A meteorologist would tell you there were sprawling areas of high pressure, but to me it was simply a picture-perfect day for my last full day in New York, and an opportunity to explore the tourist hot spots.

First on the list was the viewing observatory inside the World Trade Center’s South Tower. It was Tuesday, September 11, 2001. …”

– At The Australian Church Record, Anthony Phillips reflects on his experience, and the lessons he learned from that day in New York.

Latest Northwest Network – fuel for prayer

The latest Northwest Network, from the Diocese of North West Australia, is now available for your encouragement to to fuel your prayers for the people of the north west. Dated August 2019.

900kb PDF file.

Australian Church Record Journal for Spring 2019 now out

Download your copy of the latest Australian Church Record Journal for Spring 2019 here.


Thank God for Ordinary Pastors
Mark Earngey

Wangaratta Defies National Church
Kanishka Raffel

The Opened Eyes of Wilberforce
David Ould

Evangelism in the Upper Mountains
Jon Guyer

Gospel Growth through ANeW
Sam Broadfoot

New Life in an Ancient Parish?
Ben Wilkinson

Contending side by side
Tom Habib

Some Observations for Ordinary Pastoral Ministry
Archie Poulos

The Christian and His Worship
D. Broughton Knox.

Archbishop urges Anglicans to join the Stand for Life Rally

“Archbishop Glenn Davies has warned of the dangers of the Bill which allows abortion up until birth, urging Christians show support for the life of the unborn before the Upper House considers the Bill. … Dr Davies urged promotion for the ‘Rally for Life’ on Sunday afternoon, 15 September in Hyde Park.”

Promotional flyer (PDF file).

See the Promotional video on Facebook or on Vimeo.

Facebook event page.

CMS Summer School 2020

CMS NSW & ACT has posted this video to encourage people to come to the 2020 Summer School.

New Commonwealth Religious Freedom Laws

“The Commonwealth Attorney-General has released Exposure Drafts of a package of Federal Bills designed to improve religious freedom protections under Australian law, along with associated explanatory information. The legislation responds to the recommendations of the Ruddock Panel into Religious Freedom, released late in 2018. Public comment has been invited by 2 October, 2019.

The main item is the Religious Discrimination Bill 2019 (“RDB”), which broadly replicates the existing pattern of anti-discrimination laws enacted by the Commonwealth, but picking up for the first time at the Federal level the “protected characteristics” of “religious belief or activity”. Two ancillary Bills propose consequential amendments to other legislation, add some specific matters to be taken into account in objects clauses for other discrimination laws, and slightly amend or clarify the laws on charities and marriage.

The RDB is a lengthy document (68 clauses over 52 pages), with some complexities that will need to be unpacked. But I would like to offer a brief overview and an initial response, which will be followed up later by more detailed comments about particular issues. I can say, however, that it looks like being a worthwhile and helpful change which in general will further the cause of religious freedom (for both believers and non-believers) in Australia.…”

– Neil Foster, Associate Professor in Law, offers an initial opinion at Law and Religion Australia.


“When the subject of religion comes up we often hear comments like: ‘Religion is for the weak-minded’, or ‘it is poisonous’. We also hear, ‘All religions are the same’. And if the conversation continues, we might get told, ‘Religious people are so self-righteous!’ There are also those who tell us, ‘Everyone’s right in their own kind of way.’ ‘In any case, when I die, if there is a God, I’m sure he’ll accept me: I’ve led a good life’.

So, in this indifferent and sometimes hostile world, how do people come to faith in Christ? In 2 Corinthians 4 Paul provides some helpful clues. Let me identify them briefly. …”

– At The Anglican Connection, John Mason continues a series of short reflections on sharing the gospel. Others here.

The seduction of worldly wisdom

“When it comes to living our lives as Christians, we need a wisdom that’s much bigger than what the world has on offer. Our society is happy and content with worldly wisdom, because worldly wisdom seems to work – at least for a while. …”

– Ainsley Poulos writes at The Australian Church Record.

Words with purpose (Ephesians 4:29–30)

“Words are fundamental to our lives. We use words to share, to create, to love, to define ourselves, and to build societies and worlds. We live through words. That’s why one of the most powerful things you can do for someone is to help them give a voice to their own words. …”

– Encouragement to think before we speak. Lionel Windsor writes at Forget the Channel.

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