What is distinctive about Preaching?

Peter AdamPeople read their Bibles at home. People go to Bible studies. Children and young people are taught the Bible. So members of churches are hearing the words of God all the time. What is different about the Sunday sermon? What is distinctive about the Sunday sermon is that is addressed to the church? 

It is the one time in the week when… 

The Sunday sermon is therefore the moment in the week when the people of God together meet the word of God and and so the role of preachers of God’s word to God’s people is one of immense worth and unique importance. In our weekly sermon God’s people gather around God and hear him speak to them through his Spirit-inspired Scriptures. …”

– At The Gospel Coalition Australia, Dr. Peter Adam asks, “What is distinctive about preaching, and how does it differ from other ministries of the Word?”

Read Part 1 and Part 2. (Image via St. Helen’s Bishopsgate.)

Persevering with the Desperate

simon-manchester-ema-2016Simon Manchester’s exposition on 1 Kings 19 at the recent Evangelical Ministry Assembly in London is a great encouragement to all in pastoral ministry.

(The theme of this year’s EMA was ‘Leaders who last’.)

Watch it here.

(He also spoke on Persevering with the disobedient, Exodus 34; and Persevering with the dull, Mark 6.)

Archbishop preaches at Moore College Chapel

glenn-davies-mtc-chapelArchbishop of Sydney, Dr. Glenn Davies, was the guest preacher this morning at the Moore College Chapel.

He spoke on Hebrews 12, godly disciple, and the reality of suffering in the Christian life.

Listen to the 22 minute sermon (11MB mp3 file) here.

Can we talk about Same-Sex Marriage?

can-we-talk-about-same-sex-marriage“Can we talk about Same-Sex Marriage?” is the topic for the next Centre for Christian Living event at Moore College.

“There is a time to keep silence, and a time to speak, says the Bible (Eccl 3:7). What time is it, then, when the subject of same-sex marriage comes up around the watercooler? Should Christians speak up on the topic—in our personal conversations, and in the public square? And if we do, how can we talk in a way that is loving, gracious and truthful?”

When: 7:30pm — 9:30pm, Wednesday 19th October.

Where: Moore College, 15 King Street, Newtown.

Speakers: Michael Kellahan and Tony Payne.

Book through the Centre for Christian Living.

‘Jesus & the Ten Gospels’ – New College Lectures with Dr Simon Gathercole

Dr Simon GathercoleDr Simon Gathercole is giving this year’s New College Lectures on September 20 and 22.

Some of the most widely published challenges to the Christian faith today have come in the publicity surrounding the “apocryphal” Gospels not included in the Christian Bible.

The idea that there is nothing particularly special about the four New Testament Gospels has appeared in both the popular media and in Biblical scholarship, from references to the Gospel of Philip in the Da Vinci Code, to the publication by the Harvard Theological Review of the so-called “Gospel of Jesus’s Wife” fragment.

These lectures will discuss the relevance of these Gospels outside of the Bible, comparing them with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.”

– Free entry, but RSVP essential. Details from New College.

Homesick for heaven?

d-a-carson-next-level-conf-aug-2016At The Next Level conference in Sydney, two weeks ago, Professor D A Carson spoke on Revelation 7:9-17 and the need to be ‘homesick for heaven’.

Sober, Christ-honouring, and very encouraging.

Watch the video here.

Reformation History Tour

reformFrom Moore College:

“In 2017, the Reverend Dr Michael Jensen, Rector of Darling Point Anglican Church, will be leading a tour of the key Reformation sites of Europe. The tour will run from 26 April to 12 May and is being organised by 316 Tours Faith Travel. The group will travel from Prague, through Germany and Switzerland, finishing in England.

Moore College MA (Theol) students can participate in this study tour as a component of the Reformation History Tour unit, lectured by Dr Ed Loane (Lecturer, Theology and Church History).”

– Interested? Details here.

Evidence–based debate about LGBT issues?

sexuality-and-genderIf you all you know about gender and sexuality comes from reading headlines, it’s an open and shut case. …

So the nature of homosexuality and transsexualism is settled, incontrovertible, and beyond dispute? Yes, but only in newspapers, not in academia.

A landmark survey of decades of research by two eminent scholars working in the United States claims that many of these assertions are simply not supported by the weight of evidence in scholarly journals. …”

Report from MercatorNet – with a link to ‘Sexuality and Gender: Findings from the Biological, Psychological, and Social Sciences’ – and an introductory video.

From the Archives: Evangelical Religion — by Bishop J.C. Ryle

Bishop J C RyleSince many religious disputes have arisen solely because there has been a lack of accurate definition, I am beginning this paper by explaining exactly what I mean by ‘Evangelical Religion’.

I want to consider that religion which is peculiar to those within the Church of England who are normally called “the Evangelical Party”. Whether we like it, or not; whether it is right or not, it must be agreed that there are varying schools of thought within the Church of England, with many divisions and shades of opinion even within the various parties. Here I am concerned with the unmistakable and undeniable tenets of the Evangelical school which, I maintain, are worth contending for…”

Bishop Ryle wrote these words in the 1870s, but they could just as well have been written yesterday.

His main headings:





Read it in our Resources section.

The best foundation for long-term cross-cultural ministry

Simon GillhamSimon Gillham, Head of the Department of Mission at Moore College, asks, “what kind of foundation prepares a person best for long-term cross-cultural ministry?”

See his thoughtful and encouraging answer at SydneyAnglicans.net.

Slip, slop, slap for sustainable sacrifice

zeal-without-burnout“I keep hearing heartbreaking reports of burnout among Christian ministers.

Christopher Ash’s book Zeal without Burnout is a very short, but very good, biblical and pastoral reflection on the topic. He talks about his own experience of burnout, and includes lots of stories from others in Christian ministry.

He argues that we should be thinking in terms of “sustainable sacrifice,” i.e. “the sort of self-giving living that God enables me to go on giving day after day” (p. 26).

His chapter titles are nuggets of gold in and of themselves …”

– Lionel Windsor begins “a series of blog posts about how I try to put ‘sustainable sacrifice’ into effect on the ground”. Keep an eye on it at Forget the Channel.

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