Priscilla & Aquila Centre Annual Conference 2016

paa-annual-conf-2016The Priscilla & Aquila Centre Annual Conference is coming up on Monday 1st February. Moore College Principal, Mark Thompson is speaking – and there’ll be a number of electives.

The theme? “The Christian and Submission”.

Registration for the conference closes January 22.

What they’re saying about Moore College

Here are four brief videos, with clips from Gerald Bray, Michael Horton, Kevin Vanhoozer and Jonathan Fletcher, sharing their impressions of Moore College.

Especially useful to pass on to anyone considering studying at Moore.

Another three videos below:

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Getting to know the new Dean of Sydney

Kanishka Raffel, Dean of SydneyKanishka Raffel has now begun as the Dean of Sydney – he will be installed as Dean on Thursday 4th February, at 7:00pm.

David Ould took the opportunity to speak with Kanishka at last week’s CMS Summer School at Katoomba (at which Kanishka spoke).

Topics in the conversation include:

Please be encouraged to pray for Kanishka in his new role.

nexus-conf-2016Also, Kanishka will be speaking at Nexus 16 on Monday 23rd May at Village Church Annandale.

Do we need to Contextualise our Preaching?

William TaylorDo we need to Contextualise our Preaching?

In the latest Preaching Matters video from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, William Taylor addresses that question.

He argues that we need better communication, rather than contextualisation, because the gospel is relevant in every culture and context. Very helpful, as always.

There’s a great quote from Broughton Knox’s book “Everlasting God”.

J. I. Packer’s rare Puritan library digitised and available online

Dr J I PackerIn one of the sad attempts to deal with faithful, Bible-believing clergy, in 2008, the then Bishop of the Diocese of New Westminster issued a ‘notice of presumption of abandonment of the exercise of ministry’ to Dr J.I. Packer, and others.

As well as being a much-loved and respected theologian and preacher, Dr. Packer is a foremost Puritan historian.

“The John Richard Allison Library in Vancouver—which hosts the joint collections of Regent College and Carey Theological College—has now made available their entire rare Puritan collection to be read online for free. What a gift of modern technology to help us recover these gifts from the church of the past.

There are currently 80 Puritan authors in their collection, many of whose works were digitized from J. I. Packer’s private library.”

– Justin Taylor at the Gospel Coalition has a list of the titles and links to the digitised versions.

Prayer for the Primates’ Gathering

Preach the WordA good prayer to pray –

“Almighty God
to whom all will someday give an account;

instil, we pray,
within the hearts of all Primates of the Anglican Communion,
a holy fear
that they may love you and your Word
more than the approval of men;

this we ask through our only Mediator and Head of the Church,
Jesus Christ,
who evermore lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit.


– from GAFCON.

Seven reasons not to gamble

pokies“Managers don’t gamble with their Master’s money. All you have belongs to God. All of it. Faithful trustees may not gamble with a trust fund. They have no right.”

– at Desiring God, John Piper gives seven reasons Christians shouldn’t play the lotteries.

His reasons apply just as well to other forms of gambling – and to Australian Christians every bit as much as to our American friends.

See also:

“Buried in last week’s national accounts was the startling statistic that Australian punters bet a record $6.5 billion in the September quarter, equating to $1000 a year for every Australian.”

Sydney Morning Herald, 07 December 2015.

“Looks like Australia is the gambling capital of the world, again.”

Business Spectator, 07 February 2014.

Bible Reading Plans for 2016

bible-reading-plansThe start of a new year is always a good time to recommit to reading and treasuring God’s Word.

The team at Ligonier Ministries have compiled a very useful list of plans you can use.


The One Must-Read this Year – John Piper.

Reading the whole Bible in 2016 – more plans and encouragement via Justin Taylor.

The Queen’s Christmas message 2015

the-queens-christmas-message-2015-2Queen Elizabeth II has released her 2015 Christmas Message.

Watch it here.

And you can also read the Christmas 2015 sermon from Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury, preached at Canterbury Cathedral. In part, he says, –

“Today, across the Middle East, close to the area in which the angels announced God’s apocalypse, ISIS and others claim that this is the time of an apocalypse, an unveiling created of their own terrible ideas, one which is igniting a trail of fear, violence, hatred and determined oppression. Confident that these are the last days, using force and indescribable cruelty, they seem to welcome all opposition, certain that the warfare unleashed confirms that these are indeed the end times. They hate difference, whether it is Muslims who think differently, Yazidis or Christians, and because of them the Christians face elimination in the very region in which Christian faith began. This apocalypse is defined by themselves and heralded only by the angel of death.”

9Marks Journal on Missions: Adding Wisdom to Zeal

9marks-journal-dec-2015The latest issue of 9Marks Journal is up on their website, and is full of encouraging articles with headings like “Ways your church can get involved in Global Missions starting tomorrow”.

Going to a CMS Summer School? (Not going to a CMS Summer School?) Thinking about the year ahead? This will be a very worthwhile issue to read.

Should Evangelicals evolve on Homosexuality?

Rosaria Butterfield. Photo: Desiring God 2015“While acceptance of homosexuality may be a growing trend among professing evangelicals, still the majority of evangelicals simply aren’t convinced. Evangelicals, for the most part, aren’t buying the arguments the ‘gay Christian movement’ is selling.

According to Rosaria, the leading merchant for the gay Christian movement is Matthew Vines. He believes it’s possible to practice homosexuality and genuinely profess Christianity…”

– At Desiring God, Phillip Holmes sits down for a coffee and chat with Rosaria Butterfield.

Read his article and watch both videos from the conversation.
Insightful comments on the nature and danger of sin.

Related: Human Sexuality and the ‘Same Sex Marriage’ Debate — a review.

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