Gospel DNA – Replicating Effective Ministry

cmd-cpeakers-2016-2The Centre for Ministry Development and Effective Ministry are planning a full day forum for Wednesday 20th July.

The topic for the day will be, “Gospel DNA – Replicating Effective Ministry”.

Main speakers are Richard Coekin, Paul Harrington and Tim Sims. Details and booking at Moore College’s Centre for Ministry Development.

We’re told that registration is now open.

Reflections on discipleship (part 2)

lesley-ramsay-280“I googled ‘What is a disciple?’ recently and got 8,370,000 results in 0.47 seconds. There’s a lot in the Christian cyber world about discipleship!”

– At Equal but Different, Lesley Ramsay continues to explore the meaning of Christian discipleship.

Hope, not Death: Euthanasia is no response to sexual abuse

Culture of death“Reforms to allow euthanasia in Tasmania, South Australia and Victoria are likely to be debated this year, and Senator Leyonhjelm and the Greens want to give the Territories the power to legalise euthanasia. While suicide itself has long been legal throughout Australia – attempted suicide attracts no penalty or consequence – they want medical killing legalised. …

It is no stretch to imagine that a young woman with PTSD, a survivor of sexual abuse, might qualify for euthanasia in Australia in the future especially in an environment of over-stretched and under-funded mental health systems.”

– Read why in the full, troubling, article by Melinda Tankard Reist at ABC Religion and Ethics. (h/t SydneyAnglicans.net)

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Church Society Lectionary videos

Lee GatissAre you attending a church which uses the Lectionary, but where the preaching doesn’t really help you understand the passages read?

Or are you attending a church which uses the Lectionary, and where the preaching does help you understand the passages read?

Either way, this new video series from Church Society may be a help and encouragement.

The Church in the Furnace

David MansfieldDavid Mansfield follows up on his earlier article, ‘The Church in the Fridge’.

“Sometimes our thoughtlessness and insensitivity can seem cool and indifferent. At other time, as I mentioned in the last blog, in the story of the inveterate hugger of every newcomer and regular that he could get his arms around, our behaviour can be too intense. Rather than a church in the fridge, we may come across as a church in the furnace.

While extreme examples don’t apply to most of us, there may be more subtle ways that we do things that can also come across as a bit intense to the newcomer…”

– As someone who visits many churches, David spots sub-cultural quirks you might not notice. At SydneyAnglicans.net

Catch up with the Nexus16 conference

nexus-16-video-0If you missed the Nexus16 conference at Annandale today (or would like to revisit it), you can view the videos at the Nexus website.

The videos include interviews with various attendees – and the talks!

Are you ashamed of Jesus?

not-ashamed-of-jesus“You’re an embarrassment to be around.”

“Please don’t walk next to me – I don’t want people to know that we’re together.”

These are painful words that no one ever wants to hear. But does my life speak these words to Jesus?

This is the question that has troubled me since my first day visiting persecuted Christians in the Middle East with Open Doors…

– At Communicate Jesus, Steven Kryger has a challenge for you.

“Exemptions” in discrimination laws applying to churches

Assoc Prof Neil Foster“Australia is in the midst of a Federal election campaign at the moment (thankfully, one which will end on July 2, unlike the one being endured by our friends in the United States, which seems to stretch on interminably!) But law and religion has now emerged as one of the election issues.

This time the question is not about same-sex marriage (SSM), although the various parties’ views on that topic are well-known (at the moment, the Australian Labour Party (ALP) has promised to introduce SSM within 100 days if elected, and the Liberal-National Party Coalition, currently in power, has promised to put the matter to a plebiscite after the election if they are returned.)

But the latest question has been raised by a minority, but increasingly influential, Greens Party, which has included as part of its election platform a promise to remove ‘religious exemptions to federal anti-discrimination law’…”

– Neil Foster, at Law & Religion Australia, looks at the background and some implications of election promises from The Greens and others. Very relevant.

‘Don’t Drift!’ — exhortation

David CookAt the SMBC Centenary Service on April 15th, David Cook preached from Hebrews 1 and 2, with the theme of “Don’t Drift!”.

“When I was Principal here, I received an invitation … to go to a conference in Cape Town, in South Africa, and the invitation was addressed to ‘The most dangerous person in the Church’. It was a conference for the Principals of Bible Colleges and Theological Colleges. The most dangerous people in the church.

That, historically, is an accurate description. If a denomination moves away from the truth, invariably, it is because its denominational College has moved from the truth…”

Audio of David’s sermon is now available (18MB mp3 file) on the SMBC Centenary web page. Encouraging.

Related: In his weekly column, David writes about Chappo and the need for evangelists.

Broken bad

Claire Smith“I’ve noticed something of a cultural shift in the way we evangelicals talk about the human condition: more and more, we are ‘broken’, rather than ‘sinners’ – people who act out of our ‘brokenness’, not our ‘sin’, rebellion’, ‘disobedience’ or ‘rejection’ of God.

And I’m not convinced this shift is all good…”

– At GoThereFor, Claire Smith points out a drift in language you might not have noticed.

Ministry in Exile — Nexus16

nexus-16-videoNexus16 is coming up on Monday 23rd May at Annandale.

Speakers include Lionel Windsor, Phil Colgan, Chris Braga and Kanishka Raffel, with an extended Q&A between Dominic Steele and Phillip Jensen.

Tony Payne writes:

“Nexus 2016 is less than a week away (10am 23 May 2016), and we have to tell the caterers this Wednesday how many spit roast lunches to prepare.

So if you’ve been wavering, procrastinating, or just too busy to get to it, now is the time to act. Head over to our website to register. You’ve got till midnight Tuesday 17 May(You can still come if you register after that time but we won’t be providing lunch for you).

We’re very encouraged not only by the numbers already registered (25% more by this stage than last year) but by the increase in groups all round Australia who have been telling us that they are planning to be part of the day via Livestream (more details here).”

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