Glorifying God with infertility

“Pip and I married in 2009. We discussed trying for children after one year of marriage. We saw children as a blessing from God (Ps 127:5), and we wanted to have them while we were relatively young and bring them up knowing Jesus – a testimony to the goodness of God’s purpose for children. …”

– Mike Taylor, member of the ACL Council, shares the goodness of the Lord in the midst of questions and tears. Take the time to read it, and be encouraged.


Archbishop Glenn Davies’ Easter Message 2017 — Rescuing Australia

Anglican Church Diocese of Sydney 2017 Easter Message

Archbishop’s Easter Message 2017 from on Vimeo.

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Easter: For the Love of Beautiful Things

“Has our age lost a love for beautiful things? With all our environmental education my travels still find McDonald’s coffee cups and beer bottles in the most remote of places.

I was born in the late 50’s and schooled in the 60’s and 70’s when environmental care was not on the curriculum. As I drive past the polystyrene burger container, the soft drink cans and chip wrappers I find it interesting that in a bygone age we never had to be told to not throw our rubbish on the ground or out the car window. We never had to advertise with slogans like, ‘Dob in a Tosser’. …”

– Bishop of Armidale Rick Lewers shares his 2017 Easter message.

‘I am the Good Shepherd…’

“Elections remind us how much we long for a leader who will bring us justice and peace, protection and prosperity. However, on every occasion our aspirations are dashed as leaders reveal their flaws and failures and self-interest. No one proves to be the leader we long for.

There is one exception: Jesus, who said, ‘I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep’ …”

– At The Anglican Connection, John Mason meditates on John 10.

2017 Gospel Coalition Conference — expositions

From Justin Taylor:

“Here are the videos from the expository plenaries at the Gospel Coalition National Conference (April 3-5, 2017) in Indianapolis, with the theme of ‘No Other Gospel’.”

Expositions from Galatians.

(Photo: Dr. Peter Adam, who, in his characteristic way, thanks Don Carson for his numerous visits to Australia.)

The Hypergrace of Joseph Prince: A Review of ‘Destined to Reign’

Joseph Prince is a charismatic pastor of a very large church in Singapore. He has written a number of popular books, but it is his emphasis on what is called ‘hypergrace’ that is raising quite a deal of discussion in Asia. His key book is entitled Destined to Reign: The secret to effortless success, wholeness and victorious living …

This review seeks to engage with his theology of hypergrace (though the term is not used in that book).

– While the book was published back in 2007, it is still influential. At The Gospel Coalition Australia, Bishop Paul Barker takes a look.

Know Why You Believe — free audiobook

An audiobook of Paul Little’s classic 1967 work, Know Why You Believe, is this month’s free download from Christian Audio.

Twenty resources on the Protestant Reformation

“2017 is the 500th anniversary of an event that strangely ignited the Protestant Reformation.

If you want to learn more about the Protestant Reformation, consider these helpful resources. I combed through about 800 relevant resources in my Zotero library and selected only twenty — including some picture books and videos.”

– Thanks to Andy Naselli who has compiled this useful list.

Romans commentary from David Peterson due in August

News from Dr. David Peterson:

“The commentary I have been working on since 2012 is finished and is due to be published on August 1st 2017. The series is called Biblical Theology for Christian Proclamation. The publishers are B&H Publishing Group, Nashville Tennessee.

The series is based on the new Holman translation, simply called Christian Standard Bible (2017). But I have made a careful study of the Greek and brought this into the analysis of the text where necessary.

A particular feature of this series is the desire to relate the interpretation of each biblical book to the Bible’s story line and to explore theological themes in the light of biblical teaching more generally. I have done this for Romans in an extensive introduction, but have also demonstrated in the exegesis how Paul develops these themes. More details about the commentary and my approach to this book can be found in the folder on Romans on this website.”

Anglican Connection National Conference 2017 June 13-15

Registration is now open for the Anglican Connection National ConferenceJune 13-15 in Dallas.

This would be a wonderful encouragement to Anglicans in North America.

Exploring practical ways we can build effective gospel-centered churches through the lens of the 16th-century reformers.

The gospel need in the USA today is great. So many have never heard; and so many others do not know what to believe.

The Anglican Connection conference offers ministers, church leaders, and members an opportunity to re-envision and refresh effective gospel-centered ministries.

Details here.

Daylight Saving in NSW ends 2nd April

In NSW, Daylight Saving ends in 2017 at 2:00am on Sunday 2nd April.

Might be worth reminding congregations.

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