Bowl up for the Moore College Open Day Saturday, 13 October 2018

Here’s a reminder about this Saturday’s Open Day at Moore College.

Details here.

The pastor in your background

“But even if we can’t bring to mind exactly what was said six weeks ago, I promise you that cumulatively your regular preachers are wearing down paths through your brain. They are having an impact on you, unseen or not. What they teach you from one Bible passage provides you with context for other passages you read, influencing the way you understand the Bible as a whole. …”

– At, editor Rachel Macdonald writes to encourage you to pray for your pastors.

Christian Writing Seminar

Matthias Media is holding a free Christian Writing Seminar (“Christian writing in a secular world” with Scott Monk) at Moore College on Monday 15th October.

Details here.

That Hideous Strength — video overview

Here’s a short video overview of Melvin Tinker’s book That Hideous Strength.

Tune in to the ACL’s Synod Briefing Podcast

The ACL’s Synod Briefing Podcast for 2018 is now online.

It’s produced as a service to Sydney Synod members, but is also relevant for anyone who wants to see the Lord Jesus honoured and churches strengthened through decisions of the Sydney Synod.

If you can’t be at Synod, and want to follow along with all the action, you can subscribe to our Daily Synod Updates.

They will be posted on our Facebook page, or you can sign up to receive them direct to your inbox.

The Synod Survival Guide — free download

If you are new to Synod, download a copy of the ACL’s Synod Survival Guide by Dr. Robert Tong.

First published by the ACL in 1996, and now in its 5th edition, it is an essential guide to Sydney Synod, and includes lots of very useful end notes and a glossary.

‘Nine things you should know about the Bethel Church Movement’

“TGC Australia recently published an article examining the theology and practice of the Bethel movement.

The Awakening Australia event – and its main speaker, Bill Johnson – are increasing the awareness of the controversial church throughout the continent.

Here are nine things you should know about the Johnsons and the Bethel movement. …”

Joe Carter provides some background at The Gospel Coalition.

The goodness of Christian hope

“Do your friends know the goodness of the Christian hope? Do you?

Recently I was talking to one of my most biblically informed non-Christian friends about life, the world, human nature and God, when she told me ‘I don’t want eternal life’. …”

– Kirsten McKinlay writes at The Australian Church Record.

Moore College Open Day Saturday 13 October

The next Moore College Open Day is coming up on Saturday 13 October.

Details at the link.

Loving other women: 12 disciplines of genuine love

Dave Martin shares some wisdom for married pastors – at

The Challenge of Feminism (2): God’s Better Solutions

“In my last post we took a look at some different types of feminism, and also some of the gains achieved by the movement.

We also, in light of those gains, wondered whether we should be calling ourselves feminists. My preliminary response was ‘no’: God’s word gives us better diagnoses and better solutions.

In this post I’ll try to show you what I mean. …”

– Dr. Claire Smith has published Part 2 of her response to the challenge of feminism – at The Gospel Coalition Australia.

Memorising Colossians together

At, Richard Chin is asked how and why he memorised Paul’s Letter to the Colossians.

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