“Church of the Triune God” — a review

Church of the Triune God“…I’m thankful for the recent Church of the Triune God: a book in celebration of the teaching and passion of Robert Doyle, a lecturer from Moore Theological College. Edited by Michael Jensen, it’s a collection of excellent essays on the themes he was so captivated by throughout his teaching career: the Trinity and the church.”

– At The Briefing, Sam Freney reviews Church of the Triune God, published by Aquila Press.

(Authors include Mark Baddeley, Mark D Thompson, John McClean, Ashley Null, Peter G Bolt, Benjamin Dean, Rory Shiner, Andrew JB Cameron, Kanishka Raffel, Chew-Chern Morgan and Greg Anderson.)

Around the web — 6th April 2014

around-the-webHere are a few items you may have missed this week –

Formulary Friday: Collecting our prayers

The Collects“The Prayer Book Collects are like precious, highly-polished jewels adorning a crown. They are the short prayers which ‘collect’ together particular concerns and themes expressed in the liturgy – and invariably combine clear and easily-memorable phrasing with a highly concentrated shot of sound doctrine.

…the Prayer Book Collects give us a very helpful model for composing our own prayers – whether in our personal prayer times, or in public worship.”

– for Formulary Friday at Church Society’s blog, Mark Smith looks at The Collects.

The real story of Noah

Noah“The premiere of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah has sent some folk back to their Bibles to see if there was a whole bunch of details that they’d forgotten.

Apparently not. Where the Bible’s story has left some gaps, Mr Aronofsky has provided plenty of creative and speculative details. Rock monsters, stowaways and much, much more.

Do those additions help us understand the story more clearly? Well, if the original author thought that the point of the story could be made with the details provided, it would seem not.”

– Gary Ware (Mount Gambier Presbyterian) has written this piece for his local paper. Some good ideas you might be able to use this Easter.

Related: Noah: A No Holds Barred Review (h/t Tim Challies).

“The character of Noah in this movie is so far removed from his biblical counterpart that he’s absolutely unrecognizable. He’s a maniac who is an idolater, a warlock, a murdering psycho, and in reality has absolutely no idea what’s happening with the flood… Noah doesn’t preach righteousness and repentance for 100+ years (2 Peter 2:5), and the Noah in this movie is a violent butcher of a man, completely the opposite of how Genesis 6:8-13 portrays him.”

Daylight Saving in NSW ends this weekend

In NSW, Daylight Saving ends at 3:00am on Sunday 6th April.

(Might be worth reminding congregations.)

GWC’s Mark Dickson on Moore College

Mark DicksonMark Dickson, Principal of George Whitefield College, speaks about the significance of Moore College for the church in Africa and elsewhere.

Watch the 5 minute video. A cause for thanksgiving to God and a strong prompt for prayer for Moore College.

No Fool

Jim Elliot's journal, 28 October 1949“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.”

Jim Elliot.

New Church Society website and blog

Church SocietyChurch Society in the UK have just re-launched their website.

“Over the past few months, Church Society has been through a process of rebranding which has gone to the heart of who we are and what we do.”

As well as a new look, there’s now a blog with weekly features – the first one is Formulary Friday (“Every Friday, we consider an aspect of the formularies of the Church of England: that is, the 39 Articles of Religion, the Book of Common Prayer, and the Ordinal.”).

As Church Society Director Lee Gatiss says, the need for theological clarity in the Church of England has never been greater.

See it all here, and you can also subscribe to their RSS feed.

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