Gospel DNA – Replicating Effective Ministry

cmd-cpeakers-2016-2The Centre for Ministry Development and Effective Ministry are planning a full day forum for Wednesday 20th July.

The topic for the day will be, “Gospel DNA – Replicating Effective Ministry”.

Main speakers are Richard Coekin, Paul Harrington and Tim Sims. Details and booking at Moore College’s Centre for Ministry Development.

Three dollars worth of gospel, please

three-dollarsAdam Ford tackles a well-known illustration from D. A Carson.

The Reason for Faith

Andrew Leslie“Faith may lack a comprehensive knowledge of its object, but unless it is pure folly, it typically can see enough evidence to know that the testimony about it is, at least, likely to be true.  It is more than a mere opinion which cannot commit firmly to one position or another…”

– Dr Andrew Leslie at Moore College writes about Faith in the College’s ‘ThinkTank’ Faculty blog.

A majority of millennials reject capitalism and support Bernie

Albert Mohler“After generations of both political correctness and philosophical postmodernism, we now see a generation that seems to be virtually incapable of beginning any sentence with anything other than, ‘I feel like,’ which as is indicated in this article means a retreat from any claim of truth or a fact merely to an assertion of opinion.…”

– Albert Mohler reflects on the belief system (or lack thereof) of many millennials. Insightful and disturbing. From The Briefing, 03 May 2016.

Defence Anglicans Prayer Diary 2016

Defence Anglicans Prayer Diary 2016Our friends who minister to Australia’s Defence personnel would be very glad of your prayers on a regular basis.

The Defence Anglicans Prayer Diary for 2016 is now up on their website.

Be encouraged to download and use it.

The Mark Drama: A fast-paced reenactment of Mark’s gospel

the-mark-drama-2See The Mark Drama at Moore College on Wednesday 25th and Thursday 26th May:

“Jesus has to be one of the most hotly debated people of all time. During his lifetime, many questioned his origin and authority, while others feared he was a dangerous revolutionary.

A production of the Moore College community, the Mark Drama turns Mark’s biographical account of Jesus into a 90-minute, theatre-in-the-round stage production.

Fully immersed in the action, here you can decide for yourself – is Jesus just another guy with imaginative ideas about God, or is he truly the King of the universe?”

– Who could you invite to come with you? Book in to see it.

FCANZ Opening Conference audio

jay-behanAudio files from the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans New Zealand’s opening conference have now been posted online.

In his closing address, FCANZ Chairman Jay Behan (pictured) reminds his hearers that human sexuality is not the gospel. However it is a gospel issue which must not be ignored.

Take the time to listen, and be urged to pray for our brothers and sisters in New Zealand as they seek godly wisdom for the days ahead.

(The General Synod of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia meets in Napier 06–13 May 2016.)

Preaching or Social Action?

kevin-deyoung-st-helens“Can a ‘church’ be a good church if it minimises the importance of preaching? Or if it does not engage with social action?

How does the New Testament help set our priorities for ministry and preaching?

Should a pastor preach on things such as political matters, social matters or current controversies?”

– In the latest Preaching Matters video from St. Helen’s Bishopsgate, Kevin DeYoung looks at the New Testament pattern.

2016 New College Lectures: Jesus and the Ten Gospels

Dr Simon Gathercole“Some of the most widely published challenges to the Christian faith today have come in the publicity surrounding the ‘apocryphal’ Gospels not included in the Christian Bible.

The idea that there is nothing particularly special about the four New Testament Gospels has appeared in both the popular media and in Biblical scholarship, from references to the Gospel of Philip in the Da Vinci Code, to the publication by the Harvard Theological Review of the so-called ‘Gospel of Jesus’s Wife’ fragment.

These lectures will discuss the relevance of these Gospels outside of the Bible, comparing them with Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.”

– New College at UNSW announces this year’s New College Lectures, to be given by Dr Simon Gathercole, Tuesday, 20th & Thursday, 22nd September 2016.

(Photo courtesy Lanier Theological Library.)

Philippians & Philemon: Joy in the Lord now available




Paul Barnett’s new commentary, Philippians & Philemon: Joy in the Lord, is now available from CEP.

You can check out some sample pages at this link.

Update: CEP tells us that that they have a 20% off everything sale – including this new commentary – from now until Friday 29 April.

The Reformation meets ‘Trellis and Vine’

mark-dever-interviews-phillip-jensenMark Dever interviewed Phillip Jensen at Together for the Gospel 2016 two weeks ago in Louisville, Kentucky.

In an enjoyable and encouraging interview, Phillip introduces his hearers to Sydney Anglicans and the English Reformation, explains why Anglicanism is the way it is now, and much more. Phillip also speaks of the latest from Matthias Media – The Vine Project, by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne. (The book will be available during May.)

See the 39 minute video here.

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