Free eBook: Are We Together?

Are we Together?“Pope Francis is the first Pope to visit the United States since 2008. His visit has provoked many Christians to ask sincere questions concerning Roman Catholicism. In light of this, Reformation Trust is making the ebook editions of R.C. Sproul’s Are We Together? free until the end of September.”

– From Ligonier Ministries.

Chapters are: 1 Scripture, 2 Justification, 3 The Church, 4 The Sacraments, 5 The Papacy, Mary.

Also until the end of September is a free download of 5 lectures by R.C. Sproul on Roman Catholicism: 1 Scripture and Tradition, 2 Papal Infallibility, 3 The Church and Salvation, 4 Sacraments, 5 The Virgin Mary.

(To download these resources, you need to sign up for an account – however there is no charge for them this month.)

Matters of life and death

Dr John Wyatt“One of the most vexed questions for Christians today is how we apply the truth of what we know to a fast changing culture. This is especially true in the area of ethics. Things that were not even possible 10 years ago, and scarcely considered, are now on the radar. Christians have to react quickly and think carefully.

That’s why John Wyatt’s one hour session at this year’s EMA was gold dust. John is a practitioner, which means every day he is having to put his carefully thought through theology into real life situations, and it’s well worth hearing his conclusions.”

– Thanks to Adrian Reynolds at the Proclamation Trust for the link.

‘Allow me to die!’ — SBS Dateline

Dominic Steele and Lionel WindsorOn 2CH in Sydney last night, Dominic Steele interviewed SBS journalist Brett Mason and Moore College’s Lionel Windsor, about the SBS TV Dateline programme “Allow me to die!”.

The Dateline programme follows two people who have decided to end their lives.


The hardest story I’ve told – Brett Mason, SBS.

Dr Megan Best’s speech on euthanasia at Sydney Synod in 2010.

Give Me Liberty and Give Me Death: Belgium’s Brave New Euthanasia Regime – Public Discourse.

Graeme Goldsworthy on the Gospel, Atonement, Satisfaction and Justification

Graeme Goldsworthy“Graeme Goldsworthy, former Moore College lecturer, is a highly influential theological thinker and author of recent times. His “trilogy” is available on Amazon Kindle right now for the stunning price of 20 cents.  [14 US cents on the US store – ed.] It includes three key works: Gospel and Kingdom, Gospel and Wisdom, and The Gospel in Revelation. …

Goldsworthy’s life work is built on integrating the grand sweep of biblical narrative with its central theme, the gospel. The gospel, for Goldsworthy, has at its very heart the amazing truth that Christ died as a satisfaction for sin (in doctrinal terms, “penal substitutionary atonement”).

I thought it would be worth providing a few select quotes from Goldsworthy in his chapter on “Justification by Faith in Revelation” to illustrate this. Here he is seeking to integrate the historic reformed articulation of the gospel with the biblical narrative of Christ’s victory in the book of Revelation. …”

– Lionel Windsor has some really helpful quotes at his blog, Forget the Channel.

Anglicare Sydney launches Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal

syrian-crisis-anglicareAnglicare Sydney has launched The Archbishop’s Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal.

Read about it, and donate, here.

A Journey through Romans – infographic

windsor-journey-through-romansFrom Lionel Windsor –

“Here is the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans, summarised in a single infographic. This is based on a mini-lecture I gave at Moore Theological College.” See it here.

Sooner Count the Stars – new Sovereign Grace album on the way

sooner-count-the-starsA new album from Sovereign Grace is on the way and is available for pre-order. Details here.

Evangelism: The Simplicity of Changing the World

Dr Peter Bolt“Once upon a time in a land far away, I heard a speaker at a conference insisting that evangelism ought to engage with the cultures around us. The task seemed so complicated. Mapping conceptual worlds. Integrating lofty ideas into unseen mental frameworks. And all of this was to be done well before you open your mouth about Jesus.

Everyone I spoke with at morning tea had been thoroughly convinced of one thing: they could never do the kind of thing the speaker was calling for. And most of them were ministers who had gone through a full theological education! What hope would the ‘unlettered and ordinary’ amongst us have (as the apostles were called, Acts 4:13)?

In contrast, the view of evangelism in the book of Acts is refreshing for its simplicity…

On that extraordinary day when Jesus rose from the dead, evangelism became the ordinary activity of his people for the rest of time.”

Encouragement from Moore College’s Peter Bolt.

Getting ready for the Plebiscite

David & Maxine Cook“To guide your holiday reading and listening, here is a selection of resources for a sermon series on marriage in preparation for the possibility of an upcoming plebiscite…”

David Cook provides a useful list of resources, plus the outline of a sermon series planned for the Chinese Presbyterian Church in Sydney. Very useful for ministers helping their congregations think through what the Bible says on these important issues.

(Photo: David & Maxine Cook. David is the Moderator General of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.)

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