Martin Luther Exhibition at St. Andrew’s Cathedral

Don’t miss the free Martin Luther Exhibition, on at St. Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney, until Friday 29th September.

For opening times, see the Cathedral website.

The Reformation’s Continuing Legacy and Relevance

“Moore College has published a significant collection of its 2017 Reformation papers through Apollos an imprint of Inter-Varsity Press. The book was launched at morning tea on the second day of the two-day 2017 School of Theology conference held this week, which had 80 people in attendance. All copies of the book sold out in minutes at the launch. …

You can purchase the book in paperback through the Wandering Bookseller here, or the Book Depository here, or hard copy or Kindle at Amazon here.”

– Read all about it at the Moore College website.

Reformation Rally 2017 — Dr Gerald Bray


Dr Gerald Bray spoke at Moore College’s Reformation Rally held at St Andrew’s Cathedral on 26 August 2017.

His topic: The Way the Reformers looked at the Work of The Holy Spirit.

Reformation Rally 2017 sermon — Dr Glenn Davies

Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Glenn Davies, preached the sermon at the 1552 Book of Common Prayer: Morning Prayer Service. He speaks of the Scriptures as the very bedrock for understanding God.

It was part of Moore College’s Reformation Rally held at St Andrew’s Cathedral on 26 August 2017.

Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace

The forthcoming book, Mr Eternity: The Story of Arthur Stace, by Roy Williams and Elizabeth Meyers, is now available for pre-order from The Bible Society.

It’s expected to be published at the end of October.

Reformation Rally, Saturday 26th August

Be sure you don’t miss the Reformation Rally at St. Andrew’s Cathedral on Saturday.  Read more

Luther and his most important impact

“On 31 October 1517, in a small provincial university town, an Augustinian monk who served as a professor in the university, nailed a document to a church door. And it started a revolution.

Today, 500 years later and on the other side of the world, that unexceptional act — there would have been lots of notices on that door, since it was the unofficial notice board for the university — still captures the imagination. …”

– At Theological Theology, Dr Mark Thompson, Principal of Moore Theological College, has published a slightly extended version of an address delivered at the opening of the Luther exhibition at St Andrew’s Cathedral, Sydney on Tuesday 8 August, 2017.

Moore College School of Theology 2017

“This year’s School of Theology sees members of the Faculty joined by visiting scholars as we celebrate the legacy of the Reformation and its significance 500 years on.

Lectures are open to all students and the public and will run over two days on Wednesday 13th and Thursday 14th September at Moore College. …”

– Read about this year’s Moore College School of Theology.

Note that early bird rates end Friday 11th August.

Reformation Public Lecture — Graham Cole — The legacy of the Reformation through the eyes of J.C. Ryle

Dr Graham Cole spoke at Moore College on July 19th, about The legacy of the Reformation through the eyes of J.C. Ryle. Most encouraging.

Take the time to watch.

The message lives on

Arthur Stace, early 1930s. Detail from a photo, courtesy of HammondCare.“Mr Eternity could never have imagined he would have crowds of Sydney-siders remembering him 50 years after his death, but that’s what happened at St Andrew’s Cathedral on Sunday.

But then again, he wouldn’t have imagined he would prompt city authorities to emblazon Eternity in fireworks on the Harbour Bridge at the turn of the century, either.

Photo by Colin Mackellar, January 2000.

Arthur Stace was an alcoholic converted during the Great Depression, who then went on to devote his life to reminding people of Eternity by writing the word in perfect copperplate on Sydney Streets.…”

– Russell Powell reports on the tribute to Arthur Stace, “Mr. Eternity”, last Sunday at the Cathedral. (Photo of Arthur Stace courtesy HammondCare.)

See also this report from Eternity News, and these related posts.

Nathan Tasker sings Eternity

From Nathan Tasker’s album “Home” (iTunes), the single “Eternity (What we were made for)”.


Eternity: How Arthur Stace’s handwritten chalk message became a symbol of SydneySun-Herald.

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