‘Billy Graham was on the wrong side of history’??

Posted on February 22, 2018 
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“When Billy Graham stands before the judgment seat of God, he may finally realize how badly he failed his country, and perhaps his God. On civil rights and the environmental crisis, the most important issues of his lifetime, he championed the wrong policies.

Graham was on the wrong side of history.

The world’s most famous evangelist let his apocalyptic anticipation of the coming kingdom of God blind him to the realities of living in this world. …”

– Well, that didn’t take long. From The Guardian.

Sadly reminiscent of this April 2000 article by John Shelby Spong, one-time bishop in the Episcopal Church of the USA –

“If Christianity is to survive into the future, it will have to evolve radically beyond the images employed by Billy Graham. It will be forced to become something new and different. It will have to surrender its claims to miracle, magic and exclusiveness. …

A radically reformed Christianity will have to rethink the traditional understandings of Jesus who will become not a rescuing divine savior who paid the price of sin on the cross of Calvary…”

Those who know the Lord Jesus also know that Billy Graham was on the right side of history. Photo: BGEA.