An Anglican Prayer Book (2008) reviewed

Posted on March 5, 2009 
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An Anglican Prayer Book (2008)“For evangelicals in the Church of England who are not familiar with the history of The Episcopal Church, the more conservative of the denomination’s evangelicals succeeded from the church in the 1870s due to the growth and increased influence of Tractarianism in the church and the incipient Catholic doctrines of the 1789 Book of Common Prayer. Those who remained in The Episcopal Church became Broad Church liberals. By 1900 evangelicalism had disappeared from The Episcopal Church. Anglo-Catholicism and Broad Church liberalism became the dominant theological streams in The Episcopal Church. …”

– Robin G. Jordan, who runs the blog Anglicans Ablaze, critiques and outlines the history of An Anglican Prayer Book (2008) prepared for the AMiA.

From the current issue of Cross†Way – published by Church Society. A valuable insight into the situation in the USA. Download the article as a PDF file (direct link).